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Post by dchucks » February 1st, 2018, 8:25 am

Hi all. My name is Debashish. I was born in India and till I reached the age of 12 since there was no TV in India, I grew up on a steady diet of radio. Professionally I took up Engineering but radio remained my love. In 2002 I auditioned for the first private FM radio station of India (Radio Mirchi at Indore, for the curious) and got selected but they were offering so dismal a pay that I thought it better to stick to my engineering job. On the hindsight, I think I did good. To satisfy my "voice" itch, I launched with a friend a Hindi podzine called Podbharti (archived now at, though it lived only 8 odd episodes, it got some good attention and praise. I have recently started freelance VO work and getting some work but I am interested also in recording audio book (as it needs more patience to record) and hopefully the gratis work done here would help me get useful feedback to improve and who knows might even result in some paying gigs as well. Fingers crossed!

I now need to figure out how I can chose a Hindi work that I could narrate. Any gig in progress where I could pitch in?

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Post by moniaqua » February 6th, 2018, 11:50 am

Welcome at LibriVox Debashish

I am not aware of any Hindi project, but then of course I don't look for them. But English are plenty, just look in the "Readers wanted"-section of the forum :)

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