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I am a new Librivox user, hailing from the Shomron region of Israel, and happy to be on the forum. My mind was blown a few months ago when I first started using the app, particularly by the following:

1. Wealth of material available: So many books!
2. Quality of recording: So far, every book that I've listened to was of great quality and was enjoyable to listen to.
3. Emotion: The readers really manage to convey emotion in the forum. Good job!

I am a native English speaker as I was born and bred in Pennsylvania, US, but I am also fluent in Hebrew. I joined this forum primarily to see how I can improve the Hebrew library. There are currently a handful of works in Hebrew, but the wealth of books in ancient Hebrew that are off copyright and not (yet) on Librivox is huge. I'm thinking about the Talmud, Maimonides, Hebrew Bible and thousands of other ancient Jewish texts.

Keep up the good work, and I hope to get working soon, as soon as I learn more about Librivox and determine how I can best contribute. :clap:

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