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Post by ajrnews@btinternet.com » December 7th, 2005, 2:29 am

Hi everyone, I have just heard about LibriVox in a commercial in one of Michael and Evo's Dragonpage podcasts. It is a great idea, I have just signed up to record a chapter of Dracula, having just visited Whitby (I am English) I cannot wait to hear the whole story when it is done.

Don't know of this is against the rules, but a friend and I are busy putting together a comedy podcast show based on news (well, we have been doing the show for fun for three years but have never podcast it before). Although the show is mainly about UK stuff, what we found from when we went out on Live 365 99% of our listeners were in the States (we even got some decent feedback). The show is as adult in topic as you can get, but if anyone here might be interested in contributing (either writing or performing) send me an email (same as my ID). We are in the process of getting a website up, will post the URL when it is done if this is not against any rules.

Anyhow, cannot wait to listen to some of the stuff on here and contribute with my own chapters. Take care all,
Andrew R

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Post by hugh » December 7th, 2005, 8:00 am

hi andrew, welcome... we don't mind a little plugging for podcasts here...

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