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Get to know your fellow readers and tell us a little about yourself
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Post by grizzly » August 6th, 2006, 10:18 am

I'm a big book fan and enjoy listening to audio books. I'm always reading stuff out loud around the house and am looking forward to geting involved here with some listening and reading!



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Post by Starlite » August 6th, 2006, 3:17 pm

Welcome Grizzly! A great way to get started with helping is proof listening.


Also the short stories or poems is a good way to test your recording setup:


Have fun! :)
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Post by ceastman » August 6th, 2006, 5:51 pm

Welcome grizzly!

We can always use help over in the Listeners and Editors Wanted forum - we like to give everything a 'proof-listen' before sending it out into the big wide world, and that can take a lot of ears. :)

If you're interested in recording, you might take a gander at our wiki (right under the LibriVox heading at the top of every forum page) - there's some good info over in the Newbie Guide To Recording, if you've not done this sort of thing before.


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Post by grizzly » August 10th, 2006, 8:10 am

I'll check it out!


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