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Another goal on the list of dreams

Posted: April 16th, 2010, 3:50 pm
by Morlock

For many years I've longed to read books aloud for audiobooks and was always told that I had to have voice training or be an accomplished actor/actress of some sort so 'just give it up'. Now I'm happy to hear that free stuff is open and I've been listening to a couple of books from Librivox: one group and one solo.

I have audacity but I'm not sure about a good microphone or setting up reading time. My latest sanza device makes a quiet flipping/ticking noise I'm not sure how to remove on audacity.

I'm sometimes particular about doing character voices and was wondering if that was allowed.

Also does one have to put their name on their work or can it be a pen name or no name? Are readers required to say their locations when the recording was made?

If I plan on doing a book solo do I post in the same area as the suggestions?



Posted: April 16th, 2010, 7:37 pm
by TriciaG
Welcome, Morlock!

Some quick answers:

- I suggest uploading a sample MP3 and seeing what can be done about the flip/tick noise. We've got helpful people around here who could possibly make suggestions.

- Character voices are allowed, as long as they're all understandable. 8-)

- You can use your real name or an alias. We do have to have SOMETHING so we can credit you in the catalog.

- You are not required to say your location. You don't even have to say "recorded by ___" except in the poetry projects, I think. (But you still are credited for the section in the catalog.)

- We suggest you record a section or two of a group project before tackling a solo. That way you can better understand how the LibriVox process works, how to record and submit sections, and how long it takes to record and edit a section. Here's a thread talking about starting solo recordings: