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Well, you guys, I don't know why everyone is giving their age here, but if we must, I guess I'm the grandma. I'm 55, which sounds a lot older than it has turned out to be, much to my surprise.

I am the author of 7 geeky nonfiction books, and in addition to having written many articles over the years, I am currently publishing trends columnist for Searcher magazine, which is read by librarians and info professionals. I'm also a former librarian, former systems analyst, and one-time programmer, and I ran my own research biz for about 15 years. Have also been a software developer on the design side and a failed online bookseller. I have been self-employed for about 17 years and can't imagine going back to that other thing. The software I was working on was really cool. Ultimately it would have let people animate characters and props in a 3D environment by typing stage directions. We were a victim of the tech bust.

I have two podcasts, The Writing Show, http://www.writingshow.com, and of all unrelated things, The Southern California Real Estate Show, http://www.southerncaliforniarealestateshow.com. I met Hugh and learned about Librivox when he emailed me about The Writing Show and subsequently became a guest--one of our most popular, by the way.

I am a Los Angeles native and still live there, though my husband Alan and I are plotting our escape to some place less expensive, more woodsy, and less crowded.

I am American; my husband is English and a techie, and my fantastic step-kids, who are 20 and 18, live in the UK.

I see I have many interests in common with others in this group, including alternative energy (I wrote a book on that topic), physics (I'm no good at it, but Alan and I are having an ongoing discussion about string theory), literature of all kinds, music, etc. My favorite reading is mysteries, and I love Dickens and Tolkien.

I also love to play computer games, especially wussy games like Harry Potter and Nancy Drew. I cheat.

My personal Web site, which will never win any awards for design, is Berinstein Research, http://www.berinsteinresearch.com.
Paula B
The Writing Show, where writing is always the story

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