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Rev. Steve
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Post by Rev. Steve » October 27th, 2005, 11:42 pm

My name is Steve (that would be the ?Steve? half of the ?Rev. Steve,?) and as the ?Rev.? indicates, I am a relatively newly minted Lutheran pastor, though, surprisingly both newly minted, and out of work. At 30, I must admit to being a member of the ?30 club,? but I am still reluctantly getting used to that.

I have a very charming, to say nothing of beautiful and talented, wife named Sandy, and two cats who?s names I cannot spell.

I have a BA in psychology from Arizona State University (go Sun Devils!), and a Master of Divinity from Wartburg Seminary.

My interest in this project is multifaceted. First is probably that my grandmother was blind; she had retinitis pigmentosa, which usually strikes around puberty if it is going to (it also tends to skip a generation and switch genders ? I was a nervous kid). Additionally when I was in grade school I was diagnosed with a learning disability that makes written communication difficult for me. But it was the early 80?s and it was not yet in vogue to diagnose learning disabilities in everything that walks erect, and so if you were lucky enough to be diagnosed as ?learning disabled? you were lumped together with the rest of the freaks, provided that your school district knew what to do with you at all. Naturally most of my friends then were dyslexic, and watching them struggle with reading was painful. As a result, making literature available to people who cannot or have difficulty reading the printed page (due to blindness or other disability) is something that resonates strongly with me.

Another facet is my desire for more people, particularly young people, to experience good literature, particularly the classics, in a way that seems to be unpopular at the moment. But everyone has an iPod (well I don?t, but everyone else seemingly does) that is permanently attached, and if literature can be recorded and distributed in a way that makes it easily and cheaply accessible for more people to encounter and enjoy, and grow from, I am all about that.

Finally, and I am absolutely serious about this, is that this is what ministry is all about in my mind. I have been given particular gifts (particularly a voice that parishioners tell me is very pleasant to nap to) and the opportunity to put them to work for the benefit of others.

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