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Post by BradBush » October 19th, 2005, 4:00 pm

Hi. My name is Brad, and I am a 38 year old Telecom manager. Strange how close the age range is for the most part.

I have a music studio in my house and am an avid listener (mostly unabridged Science Fiction/Fantasy or Non-Fiction), so I found Podcasting to be a natural fit of my resources and interests. I just started a podcast with my daughters called Amazing Kids at, and am really having fun with it. I found out about LibriVox when I hit Kara's site while looking to see where my blog was hitting in google (looked for Amazing Kids Podcast).

I like poetry and was a wanna be poet when in college, oh so many years ago. I just started recording a Robert Frost book (see solo forum), and when I finish that I will be recording a novel (most likely).

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