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Post by ianish » October 18th, 2005, 6:31 pm

As a regular reader of the LibriVox forum I should probably introduce myself. I tend to lurk rather, but this is the first forum I have ever posted on and throwing words out into the cyber wilderness still seems slightly odd. The forum has been an enormous help in getting out the first of my readings, and so "thank you all."

Anyway, at 40, reading this forum makes me feel vastly old. I am currenly based in Taiwan, via Australia, Singapore and the UK. Work as a professional translator (Chinese-to-English) and part time journalist, mostly covering the arts. Majored in classical Chinese poetics (thus making me unemployable outside academia), and have drifted around Asia looking for -- well, looking for something. I now work primarily on political commentary and literature is an escape from the inanities of the gamesmanship of Taiwan politics.

I have only recently discovered the huge audio resources available on the Internet and have been greedily listening to audio books and radio plays in a way that has brought accusations of abandonment from my wife. It is a great way of staying in touch with English from this tiny outpost and when I discovered Libriovox, totally by accident, I couldn't wait to get involved, despite reservations about inflicting myself upon the world. Recording my two chapters of Frankenstein was a real revelation, allowing me to linger over the mood and atmosphere of the text. It got me thinking about the whole idea of the Faustian pact and reading a little about the history of alchamy (which is really facinating).

Looking forward to doing many more reading for Librivox.

Good to meet you all. \ianish

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