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Post by GordMackenzie » October 18th, 2005, 9:40 am

I guess I'll join the 30-something club that appears to be forming (sorry xen, you'll have to start your own club!). I'm 39 years of age.

I hold a BFA from York University in Ontario, Canada, where I studied acting and stage performance. I worked as a professional (read "starving") actor for a number of years in Toronto before getting a straight job.

I currently work managing the e-learning initiatives of one of the big three automotive manufacturers in Michigan.

I am married with two pre-school aged daughters.

Librivox hits a number of my key interests (in no particular order):

- using technology to better promote knowledge and learning
- free culture / freedom of information
- encouraging an interest in the great works of literature
- audio books / spoken word projects

I also see it as a nice way that I can get back in touch with my more "artsy" side which has been lying dormant for some years.

I've greatly enjoyed having a chance to be involved with the project.

Gord Mackenzie
Librivox Wiki Page: [url=http://librivox.org/wiki/moin.cgi/GordMackenzie]GordMackenzie[/url]

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