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Wow, compared to xen we're really all a bunch of old farts.
My name is Neal Foley. I'm just 37--who'd have guessed that you open something up to the public and the world that several individuals would glom together with a similar age, eh?

I have lived on an island for 14 years. I have a wonderful wife who insists I always refer to her as Long Suffering when ever I write about her in public, and I have 5 daughters--12, 9, 5: you do the math. . . .

I went to the University of Connecticut and have degrees in Philosophy and Literature with an emphasis on the Middle Ages. However, I quit my Masters when I moved to the island--at first on vacation to write--but then for good. I used to build high-end custom homes and project manage until an accident took me out of the game. Since then I have been a private chef and run my own part-time catering business: http://kitchengardenfoods.com

I began "podcasting" at the beginning of the year by reading a few Grimms tales and posting them on my blog: http://kitchengardenfoods.motime.com tag, audio. I also read some Irish Poetry for St. Paddy's Day.
I began my Gastrocast cooking show shortly thereafter: http://podchef.motime.com after being inspired by the audio walks of Lloyd Davis--secret agent chapter 7--( http://perfectpath.co.uk ) and soundseeing of Bicyclemark ( http://bicyclemark.org/blog ).
Hugh, being one of my top 5 fans, asked me to read for Librivox and the rest is sort of history. . . .I would love to be able to record more than I do--given I don't work much at the moment, but I homeschool our 5 girls while the Long Suffering Wife works and our small island hovel can be quite noisy 20 hours a day.

I was slow to join the forum because I'm trying to get a "free" cookbook out for e-publication for the Gastrocast, and I have been busy with photography and design forums. I am, however, glad I joined today and glad to know more about all of you.
Keep on Cookin'

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