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Post by Sheldonme » July 21st, 2021, 5:43 pm

Hello! My name is Marisza. I'm pretty new here on Librivox. In a few minutes I'll be attempting my 1 minute test, so wish me luck!

As for an intro: I'm a mom to two young boys, wife to an amazing man who is also a gunsmith. I've adored reading for my entire life but only fell into audiobooks after my kids were born- not much time to sit down with them running around like hooligans! It occurred to me fairly recently that I might enjoy reading for audiobooks and so I'm here at Librivox to practice and learn more about what that process is even like. I'm both excited and nervous to do this- even on a volunteer basis- and I'm hoping that you guys will feel free to give me any constructive criticism you think of once I start getting some stuff up!


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