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My name is Teresa but call me Judy. Or, Teresa. I have Judy in my screen name because for one that's what I wish my name was and for two I was so nervous making this account I used a pseudonym email but then I realized I need to be transparent and use my real name in my recordings I just don't want people to google me and find out how bad at recording I was when I first started recording. Weird and overly paranoid, right? I hope to get over that here.

I took one audio production course in college but my real focus is on writing and my passion is acting. I have a disability though so I feel like I have to write my own parts to show people what I can do. And the writing gets kinda depressing because it takes a long time to have anything to show that anyone would want to see. But I get the feeling that it doesn't have to? So to fix my morale I decided I need some performance time built into my day and I should practice recording myself reading.

My dream is to finish a scripted show and build a voiceover demo reel to work in animation.

As a person, I like tea, cats, and anime.

Nice to meet you!

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hey Teresa! Welcome to librivox! Please make sure you do the one minute test so we can make sure your equipment is working properly, and then you can jump in and record whatever looks interesting to you!

If you have a correction for me give it gently -- I'm young and I learn fast.

"I don't read books to get smart
I read to escape reality."

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