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Post by ToddHW » October 12th, 2019, 5:43 am

One Act Play Collection 013 by Various ( - ).

Here, in our 13th collection, are 10 One Act Plays for your enjoyment. They range from ... and many other short gems to make you laugh, cry, think, or all three. NOTE: Although the plays here were all published before 1923 and hence are in the Public Domain in the U.S., XYZ died in ABC respectively and their plays may not yet be in the Public Domain in some countries. ( ToddHW)
  • This project is complete. Audio files can be found on our catalog page at:

    Here we go again - Lucky 13!
    This collection will be limited to 10 plays. Once we have 10 this will be closed to further additions.

    Please see the list below in the thread for previous plays. It would be nice to have new ones to add to the collection.

    Please Note: Some plays are not PD for readers in Europe and/or Australia, and other countries which observe copyright of author's death +70 years. These are identified below and in the MW.

    1. DONE Love Magic by Gregorio Martinez Sierra (1881-1947), Translated by John Garrett Underhill (1876-1946) (BC for this play is ToddHW)
    Publication Date: 1922
    Author Link:
    Gender Neutral Casting

    2. DONE He Said and She Said: A One-Act Play by Alice Gerstenberg (1885 – 1972) (BC for this play is benderca)
    WARNING: Although the play was published in 1921, Gerstenberg died in 1972. This play is not PD for some countries. Sorry
    Original publication date: 1921

    3. DONE The Hartleys, a Play in One Act by Arthur Eckersley (1893-1937) (BC for this play is lymiewithpurpose)
    Text link:
    Publication date: 1917

    4. DONE The Sicilian, or Love Makes the Painter, by Moliere, translated by Henri Van Laun (BC for this play is ToddHW)
    Publication date 1667 (in this translation late 1800s)

    5. DONE When Witches Ride - A Play of Folk-Superstition, by Elizabeth Lay (Greene) (1897 - 1989) (BC for this play is ToddHW)
    WARNING: Although the play was published in 1922, Lay died in 1989. This play is not PD for some countries. Sorry

    6. DONE The Woman Tamer, by Louis Esson (1879 - 1943) (BC for this play is ToddHW)
    Published in 1920

    7. DONE The Cyclops, by Euripides (~480BC) (BC for this play is ToddHW)
    Translated by Edward Coleridge (1863 - 1936)

    8. DONE "Dod Gast Ye Both!" a Comedy of Mountain Moonshiners, by Hubert Heffner (1901 - 1985) (BC of this play is ToddHW)
    WARNING: Although the play was published in 1922, Heffner died in 1985. This play is not PD for some countries. Sorry

    9. DONE An Irish Engagement, by Walter Watts (1817 - 1850) (BC for this play is ktaylor07)
    Performed 1848

    10. DONE Damon, or True Friendship, by G E Lessing (- 1781), Translated from the German - assume by editor Ernest Bell (1851-1933) (BC for this play is Adrian Stephens - died 1781

    How to volunteer to BC a play:
    This is a great opportunity for anyone who's always wanted to BC a dramatic reading but isn't quite ready to do a full-length play. (Of course it's open to experienced BCs as well!) Please note that if you propose a play for inclusion in the collection, you are responsible either for editing, proof-listening and coordinating it yourself, or for finding other volunteers to fill these roles. Volunteers outside the USA: Be aware that some of the plays are still protected by copyright law some places, like Europe, where copyright is author's death plus 70 years, Australia (author's death plus 70 years for authors who died after 1955) or Canada (author's death plus 50 years).

    Please look at the list of plays that have previously been submitted before choosing a play to co-ordinate. Please claim your play in the thread; You will be the BC for your play. I will put files in the MW and keep that up to date but you are expected to Proof Listen submitted parts and then edit the play together when all parts are submitted. This collection is capped at 10 plays. Each BC needs to provide the following information about each play:

    * Title and author
    * PD text link
    * Link to author on Wikipedia, and death date, if known
    * Link to title on Wikipedia
    * Number of roles (including narrator) this project will have
    * Original publication date
    * The list of characters in your plays so when we have a MW I can set up your sections properly!

    If you would like to claim a role yourself please do so. Below are some resources you can use to find a play, but don't feel limited to these. Also, remember to check what has already been recorded in the previous One-Act Play Collections (see next post in this thread)

    Fifty Contemporary One-Act Plays:

    The Atlantic Book of Modern Plays:

    Washington Square Plays:

    Comtemporary One Act Plays

    Voces Populi by F Anstey

    King Arthur's Socks and Other Plays by Floyd Dell Not PD for Europe/Australia

    Project Gutenberg also has a list of many authors who have written one-act plays:

    Readers: to find a section to record, simply look at point 5. below at the sections. All the ones without names beside them are “up for grabs.” Click "Post reply" at the top left of the screen and tell us which section you’d like to read (include the section number from the left-most column in the reader list, please). Read points 6. to 8. below for what to do before, during and after your recording.

    Please note: All Librivox recordings are in the public domain. When you submit your recording, you will be placing your recording in the public domain as well.

    Is there a deadline?
    We ask that you submit your recorded sections within 1-2 months of placing your claim. Please note that to be fair to the readers who have completed their sections in a timely way, if you haven't submitted your recording(s) after two months, your sections will automatically be re-opened for other readers to claim, unless you post in this thread to request an extension. Extensions will be granted at the discretion of the Book Coordinator. If you cannot do your section, for whatever reason, just let me know and it'll go back to the pool. There's no shame in this; we're all volunteers and things happen. Please do not sign up for more sections than you can complete within the two month deadline.

    If this is your first recording, please let me know under which name or pseudonym you'd like to appear in the LibriVox catalogue. We can also link to a personal website/blog.
    Prospective Prooflisteners: Please read the Listeners Wanted FAQ before listening! Level of prooflistening requested: standard

    Please don't download or listen to files belonging to projects in process (unless you are the BC or PL). Our servers are not set up to handle the greater volume of traffic. Please wait until the project has been completed. Thanks!

    Magic Window:

    BC Admin ===========================================
    This paragraph is temporary and will be replaced by the MC with the list of sections and reader (Magic Window) once this project is in the admin system.
    • Project Code: GSSVABXS
    • Link to author on Wikipedia (if available): ( Various) : n/a
    • Link to title on Wikipedia (if available):
    • Number of sections (files) this project will have: 50
    • Does the project have an introduction or preface [y/n]: No
    • Original publication date (if known):

      Genres for the project: Plays

      Keywords that describe the book: one act plays

    • BEFORE recording: Please check the Recording Notes: viewtopic.php?p=6430#p6430

      Set your recording software to:
      Channels: 1 (Mono)
      Bit Rate: 128 kbps
      Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

      Submit one file per play role.
    • Make sure you add this to the beginning of your recording:
      [Role], read by [your name].

      If you are reading stage directions, please include for each file:[Play Name], by [Play Author]. This is a Librivox recording. All Librivox recordings are in the public domain. For more information, or to volunteer, please visit Librivox dot org.

      At the end:

      End of [name of play] by [author]

      At the end: End of Act [#].

      Please remember to check this thread frequently for updates!
    • AFTER recording
      Save files as 128 kbps MP3

      For individual roles, use file name:
      titleinoneword_charactername_aurthorsurname.mp3 (all lower-case)
      e.g. punchandgo_electrics_galsworthy.mp3

      For final edited plays, use file name
      oneactplays013_[play ##]_various_128kb.mp3 (all lower-case).
      e.g. oneactplays013_01_various_128kb.mp3

      Transfer of files (completed recordings) Please always post in this forum thread when you've sent a file. Also, post the length of the recording (file duration: mm:ss) together with the link.
      • Upload your file with the LibriVox Uploader:
        (If you have trouble reading the image above, please message an admin)
      • You'll need to select the MC, which for this project is: toddhw
      • When your upload is complete, you will receive a link - please post it in this thread.
      • If this doesn't work, or you have questions, please check our How To Send Your Recording wiki page.

      Any questions?
      Please post below

    Thanks, Todd

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Post by Kitty » October 12th, 2019, 5:49 am

yay I was waiting for this. Is it too early to claim Columbine ? I can also PL this play, of course.


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Post by silverquill » October 12th, 2019, 7:39 am

Well, I think I really need to do the stage directions for this one. :lol:
Very expressive.
~ Larry

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Post by benderca » October 12th, 2019, 7:59 am

I'd like to add "He Said and She Said" by Alice Gerstenberg

* Title and author: He Said and She Said: A One-Act Play by Alice Gerstenberg
* PD text link:
* Link to author on Wikipedia, and death date, if known: (Died: 28 July 1972)
* Link to title on Wikipedia:
* Number of roles (including narrator) this project will have: 5
* Original publication date: 1921
* The list of characters:

Diana Chesbrough, a society girl
Enid Haldeman, her friend
Felix Haldeman, her husband
Mrs. Cyrus Packard, their friend
Stage Directions

I'd like to take Mrs. Packard, please.


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Post by ToddHW » October 12th, 2019, 8:03 am

Thank you. Will add to first posting shortly.


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Post by benderca » October 12th, 2019, 8:12 am


My daughter, Jasmin, could play A Little Girl in Love Magic.
(Unicorn: )

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Post by thestorygirl » October 12th, 2019, 11:02 am

I am interested in playing Enid. : )

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Post by WiltedScribe » October 12th, 2019, 1:40 pm

I can play Pierrot. :)
Tomas Peter

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Post by benderca » October 12th, 2019, 2:22 pm

thestorygirl wrote:
October 12th, 2019, 11:02 am
I am interested in playing Enid. : )
Super, Trisha! This is going to be fun! :D


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Post by ToddHW » October 12th, 2019, 2:51 pm

Previous Collections

Plays already recorded in previous collections

One Act Play Collection 001 Author
The First and the Last- John Galsworthy
A Marriage has been Arranged- Alfred Sutro
The Swan Song- Anton Chekhov
Trifles- Susan Glaspell
War Brides- Marion Craig Wentworth
Wurzel Flummery- A.A. Milne

One Act Play Collection 002 Author
Before Breakfast- Eugene O'Neill
The Buller Podington Compact- Frank Richard Stockton
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets- George Bernard Shaw
The First and the Last- John Galsworthy
How he Lied to her Husband- George Bernard Shaw
The Outside- Susan Glaspell
The Parlor Car- William D Howells
Riders to the Sea- John Millington Synge

One Act Play Collection 003 Author
Eugenically Speaking- Edward Goodman
The Pot Boiler- Alice Gerstenberg
A Good Woman- Arnold Bennet
The Sun- John Galsworthy
The Bear- Anton Chekov
The Tenor- Frank Wedekind
The Pretentious Young Ladies- Moliere
Lonesome Like- Harolod Brighouse
Enter the Hero- Theresa Helburn
A Proposal Under Difficulties- John Kendrick Bangs

One Act Play Collection 004 Author
The Bicyclers- John Kendrick Bangs
The Dark Lady of Sonnets- George Bernard Shaw
Eolaus, A Dramatic Poem- James Allen
Fame and the Poet- Lord Dunsany
Is She His Wife- Charles Dickens
King Lear's Wife- Gordon bottomley
The Land of Heart's Desire- William butler Yeats
Mr Nightingale's Diary- Charles Dickens
The Stronger- August Strindberg
Trifles- Susan Glaspell
War Brides- Marion Craig Wentworth
Woman's Honor- Susan Glaspell

One Act Play Collection 005 Author
Abstraction- Basil Hall Chamberlain
The Constant Lover- St John Hankin
The Day of the Boomer Dukes- Frederik Pohl
Forgotten Souls- David Pinski
Overtones- Alice Gerstenberg
Supressed Desires- Susan Glaspell and George Cram
Tides- George Middleton
The Twelve Pound Look- J.M. Barrie
When Shades Assemble- Marjory Benton Cooke
Zenobia- Hereward Carrington

One Act Play Collection 006 Author
Madame Butterfly- David Belasco
The Hunting of the Snark- Lewis Carroll
Something to Vote For- Charlotte Perkins Gilman
The Sightless- Maurice Maeterlinck
Punch and Go- John Galsworthy
The Falcon- Alfred Lord Tennyson
Night At The Inn- Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Dunsany
A Midsummer Dance Dream- Anna Bird Stewart
Zenobia- Hereward Carrington
A Question of Sex- Arnold Bennett

One Act Play Collection 007 Author
The Stepmother- Arnold Bennett
The Woman Tamer Louis Esson
Dead Timber - Louis Esson
The Wedding - Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
The Anniversary - Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Grotesques- Cloyd Head
A Tragedian in Spite of Himself - Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
The Slave With Two Faces - Mary Carolyn Davies
The Masque of the Two Strangers - Lady Alix Egerton
Fourteen - Alice Gerstenberg
Moonshine - Arthur Hopkins

One Act Play Collection 008 Author
The Hour Glass - WB Yeats
Human Nature - Floyd Dell
At a Garden Party- F Anstey
Not Smart - Wilbur Daniel Steele
Cinderella - Florence Bell
The Sacred Place - Louis Esson
The Second Story Man - Upton Sinclair
Daniel and the Devil - Eugene Field
The Pierrot of the Minute - Ernest Dowson
The Exchange - Althea Thurston

One Act Play Collection 009 Author
Phipps - Stanley Houghton
Fancy Free - Stanley Houghton
Attuned- Alice Gerstenberg
Where But in America - Oscar M Wolff
The Good Samaritan - Rita Benton
In 1999 - William C Demille
The Story of Rachel - Lady Florence Bell
The Dance of Death - Gustave Flaubert
Answering the Phone - Elizabeth Guptill
A Dramatic Evening - John Kendrick Bangs
The Fatal Message - John Kendrick Bangs

One Act Play Collection 010 Author
Mosada - William Butler
The Belles of Canterbury - Anna Bird Stewart
The People- Susan Glaspell
Close the Book - Susan Glaspell
Cathleen Ni Houlihan - WB Yeats and Lady Gregory
The Proving of Abraham - Rita Benton
Household Gods - Aleister Crowley
Box and Cox - Maddison Morton
What Christmas did for Jerusha Grumble - John D Macdonald
The Fourth Act - Basil MacDonald Hastings

One Act Play Collection 011 Author
Chitra - Rabindranath Tagore
The Vampire Cat - Gerard Van Etten
The Countess of Escarbagnas - Moliere
Playgoers - Arthur Wing Pinero
The Far-Away Princess - Hermann Sudermann
Food A Tragedy of the Future - William C. de Mille
A Day Well Spent (the play that became Hello Dolly) - John Oxenford
Bridges - Clare Kummer
Efficiency - Perley Poore Sheehan and Robert H. [Hobart] Davis
Biscuits and Bills - O.B. DuBois

One Act Play Collection 012 Author
The Flying Doctor by Moliere
At Saint Judas' by Henry Blake Fuller
The Grandmother by Lajos Biro
Everybody's Husband by Richard Ryan
A DOLLAR by David Pinski
Why the Chimes Rang by Elizabeth Apthorp McFadden
The Line of No Resistance by Percival Wilde
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern by W. S. Gilbert
First Come, First Served by John Maddison Morton
Wanted, A Male Cook by George Melville Baker

Thanks, Todd

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Post by alanmapstone » October 20th, 2019, 1:26 am

May I read Harlequin in Love Magic?
the sixth age shifts into the slippered pantaloon with spectacles on nose

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