COMPLETE[PLAY]2nd Mrs Tanqueray by Arthur Wing Pinero-thw

Solo or group recordings that are finished and fully available for listeners
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Post by Kitty » November 15th, 2017, 2:22 pm

SonOfTheExiles wrote:"Trelawny"? Do we all get to join in a rollicking Cornish chorus? :D
"Gans cledha da yn dorn yu lel..."
(A good sword and a trusty hand...
easy on the Fourecks, guys :mrgreen: The rollicking, beer-boozing is over in Tomas' Gamester play...

Please join us all in our March clean-up event.
Let's bring those projects to a close. :9:

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Post by SonOfTheExiles » November 15th, 2017, 2:52 pm

Fourex is what cane-toads* drink. No wonder that guy's losing. :lol:


"Sorry, my tongue got in the way of my eye-tooth, and I couldn't see what I was saying..."

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Post by ToddHW » November 15th, 2017, 3:33 pm

Many many thanks to all of you!

This play is complete. All audio files can be fund on our catalog page:

Thanks, Todd

(Next play won't start until after November 25, probably nearer the beginning of December)

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