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Section 19
05:57 (wording) “…burying-ground common to us and the ‘Sisters’ of St. Clare” (should be Sisterhood)
06:56 (stumble) “I am just come from him he has fallen asl- he has fallen into a profound…”
08:26 (wording) “…that peace of soul, that ‘sincerity’ of virtue” (should be security)
09:28 (wording) “Their very resemblance filled his soul with ecstasy” (should be remembrance)
12:15 (wording) “She gave the Lamp to Rosario” (should be Ambrosio)
15:25 (clipped word) “I cannot better convince Ambrosio that I abhor such crimes” (better sounds like the Ts have been cut off)
19:30 (wording) “…resolved to drop the idea of imposing in her behalf” (should be interposing)
last 5 seconds (noise) I can hear some barking. You can either lower the levels or replace it with silence

Section 20
14:53 (wording) “He was nessitated to confine himself to Matilda’s person” (should be necessitated)
21:42 (wording) “His heart recline upon his shoulder” (should be head)

Section 21
03:02 (wording) “Elvira was out of patience at all these foibles” (should be follies)
19:00 (wording) “My crouch, the calm of sleep destroy” (should be couch)
19:56 (wording) “And prize the values you protect” (should be virtues)

Section 22
10:33 (wording) “new sentiments, have sprang in your bosom” (should be sensations)
16:52 (repeat) “as well as the multitude of business which his situation must of necessity impose upon hum, as well as the multitude…”

Section 23
04:31 (wording) “To them who dare nothing is possible” (should be impossible)
07:35 (wording) “Oh! blush, Antonio, blush” (should be Ambrosio)
08:14 (missing part) “… so ill-suited to a soul like * me this night to St. Clare’s…” (* = “…yours; Leave them for common Men, and dare to be happy! Accompany…”
08:38 (stumble) “proves to be feeb- proves to be feeble”
09:27 (wording) “Will the Sepharims protect it” (should be Seraphims)
20:15 (missed part and stumble) “… stood beside him. * She was now clothed in a long - She was now clothed in a long…” (* = She had quitted her religious habit.)
21:40 (wording) “She mentioned that Ambrosio should be silent” (should be motioned)
25:27 (stumble) “…and a mysterious melancholy - and a mysterious melancholy impressed…)
26:50 (wording) “Lucifer, whom I suffoned to my assistance” (should be summoned)

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"A Sinister Poem," Part VII:
Burying the Sisterhood has fallen... Peace.
Ecstasy she gave; I abhor such crimes.
Drop Matilda's heart!
Upon Elvira crouch!
Sleep destroy and virtues protect!
Your bosom is impossible... Oh!
Blush to leave them happy.
Feeble Seraphims beside him should be silent.
Mysterious Lucifer I summoned.
"every little breeze..."

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