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miss stav
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Post by miss stav » July 31st, 2020, 10:55 pm

Chapter 6 is wonderful. One general pl note: in your introes,you say: "Chapter 6 of A Woman In The Alcove. This Recording Is In the public domain". Then you say the chapter's name strate away and begin. According to a rule I know, you are supposed to say again: "The Woman In The Alcove, by Anna Cathrine Green, chapter 6". I don't know if there are new rules on the matter so I marked pl-ok, but please read about this again.
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Post by jennlea » August 1st, 2020, 6:57 am

I was using the shorter version of the disclaimer for solo’s. I believe I used the full disclaimer on the first chapter and then can use the shortened version on the rest of the chapters. I will double check and make sure I understood correctly. Thanks!
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