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This is a sequel of sorts to kadath's massively helpful Unrecorded Horror, Ghost Stories and Weird Tales thread (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=58271) and includes all of the weird/horror fiction novels and novellas I've managed to track down not referenced in the previously mentioned thread.
For all the short story collections in the genre(s) I've been able to track down, I created this companion thread:

Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Queen of Sheba (1877) [41,746 word count]
It tells the tale of an intriguing encounter between a young woman and a mysterious man who claims to be a colonel. The story unfolds with a mix of humor, romance, and a touch of the unexpected, making it an engaging read

Grant Allen
Kalee’s Shrine (1886) [47,816 word count]
This intriguing, but little-known ‘imperial Gothic’ novel begins in dramatic fashion when an anglo-Indian infant is made a votary of Kalee, vengeful goddess of the Thugs. Years later, the baby has grown into beautiful Olga Trevelyan. But it soon transpires that Kalee’s nefarious influence still lurks in Olga’s unconscious mind, waiting to be reawakened.

Jaws of Death (1889) [13,859 word count]
A sinister tale of kidnapping and torture in Chinatown

Maude Annesley
The Door of Darkness (1908) [86,266 word count]
A study of the occult...

Shadow-Shapes (1911) [80,402 word count]
Cutherbert Brocklehurst has hypnotized his wife so she will die when he does...Hypnotism as supernatural force.

Wanted–An Explanation (1881)
Female occult detective Lady Julia Spinner investigates a haunted house purported to drive wives to commit adultery.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

F. Anstey
A Fallen Idol (1886) [93,622 word count]
an oriental deity exerts a sinister influence on a young artist

Herbert Asbury
The Devil of Pei-Ling (1927)
Editor John Pelan calls this novel of "demon-possessed idols, giant toads, and bloody ropes appearing from nowhere" a minor masterpiece.

Gertrude Atherton
The White Morning (1917) [32,649 word count]
A fictional account of the revolution in Germany that ended World War One. In this tale the uprising is a cross-class conspiracy of women, huge in scale but tightly organised from the top: led by an aristocrat who has betrayed her caste under the influence of wealthy liberal women from the USA.

Josephine Daskam Bacon
Medusa's Head (1926) [24,065 word count]

Elisabeth Balch
Zorah: a Love-Tale of Modern Egypt (1886) [49,851 word count]

Andrew Balfour
The Golden Kingdom (1903) [161,897 word count]
This is a 'lost race' adventure novel, in the tradition of Haggard, in which a golden city inhabited by a bronze-skinned race ruled by whites is discovered in the interior of Africa.

Jane Barlow
A Strange Land (1908) (as Felix Ryark) [59,203 word count]
a Utopian lost world novel

Martin W. Barr
The King of Thomond: A Story of Yesterday (1907) [48,864 word count]
A young woman is sent to be a governess of a house on Thomond Island where she is tasked with caring for wax dolls made in the likeness of the dead wife and daughter of a mad scientist.

Arnold Bennett
The Glimpse (1909) [82,403 word count]
concerns Maurice Loring, a writer on music, who suffers a heart attack and appears to die. His soul leaves his body and experiences the wonders of the afterlife. Described as a 'unusual contribution to the literature of the cosmic'

John Bennett
Madame Margot: A Grotesque Legend of Old Charleston (1921) [14,786 word count]
A good but strange macabre work reminiscent of Poe and associated with the Charleston Renaissance.

A.C. Benson
The Child of the Dawn (1912) [68,195 word count]
allegorical fantasy about life, reincarnation, and the persistence of the human spirit.

Basil Netherby (1927) [12,113 word count]
Hartley and Bendyshe investigate various paranormal occurrences at Hebden Hill, which culminate in a confrontation with Faulkner's ghost over a hidden journal detailing Faulkner's experiments in the occult.

The Uttermost Farthling (1927) [24,601 word count]
Three men race against the ghosts of two evil men to uncover hidden secrets. Are the secrets better revealed or destroyed?

E. F. Benson
The Luck of the Vails (1903) [107, 634 word count]
The plot revolves around a cursed golden goblet that has been in the possession of the Vail family for generations.

The Image in the Sand (1905) [147,333 word count]
E.F. Benson dives into Ancient Egypt and occult mysticism.

David Blaize and the Blue Door (1918) [33,407 word count]
A second novel, David Blaize and the Blue Door, set in David's early childhood, was published in 1918.[2] In contrast to the first book, it is a fantasy in the style of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, set in a dream landscape permeated with nonsense.

Across the Stream (1919) [96,304 word count]
A supernatural romantic melodrama, very much in the same vein as The Image in the Sand (1905)

Henri Béraud
Lazarus (1925)
Considered an influence on H. P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow Out of Time"

Algernon Blackwood
A Prisoner in Fairyland (1913) [133,699 word count]
Pure fantasy and magic combine in this delightful tale of a family of children trapped in a straight-laced adult world. Forming a secret society, collecting stardust and living in star caves, they endeavour to rescue their parents from a dreary, earthbound existence.

The Extra Day (1915) [91,688 word count]
Algernon Blackwood's tale is about three children growing up in the Old Mill House in the Victorian era. When their Uncle Felix comes to visit, his magical storytelling and patience with the children impacts their lives significantly.

Julius LeVallon: An Episode (1916) [104,205 word count]
A chance meeting between John Mason and Julius Le Vallon sparks a long-forgotten memory of a former life. Le Vallon reminds Mason of the Temple Days - a time hundreds of thousands of years ago when the two of them and a girl conducted a forbidden experiment which went disastrously wrong. The experiment unleashed the elemental powers of Wind and Fire, which Le Vallon has tried ever since to channel back to their domain. These attempts have always failed because the girl was not present. Now, as the story reaches its elemental climax millennia later, the three spirits are united and Le Vallon must face the ultimate challenge.

The Wave: An Egyptian Aftermath (1916) [112,424 word count]
It is a story of a love triangle in ancient Egypt that had a tragic ending, resulting in two deaths. Now, it is England, and the protagonist is a young boy who dreams of a wave. He believes that one day that huge wave will crash down on his life destroying everything in its path. His entire life is driven by this dream, as he gets more information from it - the love triangle resurfaces, he is one of the players that has been reincarnated for a specific purpose. Will they play out their same roles, or achieve new ones?

The Garden of Survival (1918) [24,682 word count]
...The story is comprised of a narrative written to the protagonist's twin brother looking back on his short marriage to an artistically-creative young woman who was his short-lived wife and can be seen as signifying both a mesmerizing beauty embodying true love as well as possibly a dark force of seduction. The narrative mainly documents the protagonist's spiritual development through the years following his short marriage and the effect her embodiment still has on him, either through memory or ghostly presence.

The Promise of Air (1918) [65,883 word count]
A man marries a woman who carries something of the spirit of air within her, something wonderful and birdlike. Only she loses that wonder, becoming someone quite ordinary and frightened of anything which might be extraordinary.

Robert Blatchford
The Sorcery Shop (1907) [52,099 word count]
A wizard creates a socialist utopia in England

Horace Bleackley
Anymoon (1919) [104,587 word count]
an anti-socialist Dystopia set in a Near Future Britain

Mabel Fuller Blodgett
At the Queen's Mercy (1897) [48,637 word count]
A lost race tale in the style of H. Rider Haggard's She

James Blyth
The Weird Sisters (1918) [70,546 word count]
a novel of mystery and witchcraft

A Hazardous Wooing (1907) [60,241 word count]
involves smugglers with occult powers

Guy Boothby
Pharos the Egyptian (1898) [98,945 word count]
A grand mummy novel that is reminiscent of the Universal Studios mummy movies from the 1930s and the Fu Manchu novels by Sax Rohmer, though it pre-dates them all.

Clarence M. Boutelle
Beyond the End: The Story of a Ghost's Year (1892)

John Bowles
The Masked Prophet (1895) [35,621 word count]
Complex occult novel ... including an account of a spirit journey to a huge multi-planeted system far off in interstellar space.

Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The White Phantom (1868) [157,142 word count]
Lady Blanche Vavasour resorts to murder when her former
art teacher and lover threatens to give her compromising letters to her fiance;.
After her marriage to the Duke of Arlington, Blanche attains the wealth she
desired, but is haunted by the avenging figure of the White Phantom - who knows
her murderous secret.

The Conflict (1903) [147,741 word count]
The Conflict draws on the supernatural in its examination of skepticism and the conflict between science and religion.

W. Brodie-Innes
Morag the Seal (1909) [91,928 word count]
The tale of a deadly woman who steals men's souls

Old as the World (1909)
A rattling good novel, with hundreds of incidents on every page, a hero and heroine who seldom talk in anything meaner than capitals...Mr. Brodie-Innes belongs to what one may call the Exoteric Occult School of novelists

The Devil's Mistress (1910)
this is a fictionalised tale of the true account of the testimonials of Isobel Gowdie, a woman who claimed to be a witch obedient to Satan

For the Soul of a Witch (1910) [120,078 word count]
Set in the highlands of Scotland, a 16th century Knight embarks on a heroic quest for the Stone of the Wise. A tale of Romance, Witchcraft, and Exorcism

Alice Brown
The Wind Between the Worlds (1920) [78,755 word count]
The story of a mother who loses a son in the war and seeks to communicate with him in the afterlife.

Charles Brockden Brown
Edgar Huntly; or, Memoirs of a Sleep-Walker (1799) [94,568 word count]
This classic of early American gothic literature is about a man suspected of committing murder while sleepwalking.

John Buchan
The Dancing Floor (1926) [89,717 word count]
Vernon Milbourne, orphaned since childhood and haunted by a recurring dream, is friends with the protective lawyer and MP, Sir Edward Leithen. An Aegean cruise takes them to the mysterious island of Plakos, where Vernon is fascinated by the island's myths. Local superstitions turn to menace as Vernon's encounter with a beautiful woman results in obsession and adventure.

Witchwood (1927) [114,358 word count]
Witch Wood is a story of seventeenth-century witchcraft in the Wood of Caledon in the Scottish Borders. The parish minister tries in vain to prevent devil worship and protect his protestant congregation.

Robert Buchanan
The Moment After: A Tale of the Unseen (1890) [26,251 word count]
...narrated by a prison doctor who comes across a manuscript claiming to describe the experiences of a condemned man after he was hanged.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton
A Strange Story (1861) [182,222 word count]
This story is told from the perspective of Dr. Allan Fenwicke, a rational materialist if there ever was one. He publically debunks the spiritualist beliefs of his fellow physician Dr. Lloyd, and thereby hastens his colleague's demise. Soon after, the Mysterious enters Dr. Fenwicke's logical life in the form of the lovely and dreamy Lillian and the wickedly amoral Mr. Margrave.
Mr. Margrave may or may not be the evil Louis Grayle made young again with black magic. But our hero Dr. Fenwicke will brave all to rescue his Lillian

Zicci: A Tale (1876) [33,124 word count]
A precursor to Lytton's more well-known and celebrated Zanouni....The premise of a stranger of unknown background and with insights and powers unknown is the main crux.

Arthur J. Burks
The Great Amen (1938)
a story about a red-haired soldier who claimed to have come back from the dead

Alice Campbell
Juggernaut (1928) [108,985 word count]
Relentless, the Juggernaut moves from murder to murder--until he is discovered, behind the most innocent of masks... A story of medical science gone wrong.

Terence and Patrick Casey
The Strange Story of William Hyde (1916) [78,183 word count]
Guarded from the world by fear, none had dared breach the Poonan’s stronghold, but wealth and power was all the encouragement one man needed to pursue the riches of Jallan Batoe and face the wrath of the Green, Green God!

Robert W. Chambers
Some Ladies Make Haste (1908) [46,321 word count]
The protagonist, a student of mental suggestion, causes people to fall in love by posthypnotic suggestion

Quick Action (1914) [59,224 word count]
novel of romance and buried treasure in Florida within an occult framework of predestination in which future events in the lives of her guests are shown in Countess Athalie's crystal ball

Athalie (1915) [91,624 word count]
Further adventures within Countess Athalie's crystal ball!

The Talkers (1923) [68,576 word count]
An occult fantasy, in which a medical examiner reanimates a murdered woman with two souls.

Karel Čapek
Krakatit (1925) [103,007 word count]
Krakatit is a novel on the risks about the abuse of science for human gain. The hero is a chemist Mr. Prokop, who was able to produce exceptionally powerful explosive. He calls it "Krakatit," after the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa. A special feature of Krakatit is that erupts seemingly without cause. After an accident in the laboratory an exhausted Prokop tumbles into Prague when he meets Tomes, who takes him into his care.

The Hand of Fate, or A Study of Destiny (1898) [23,330 word count]
A STUDY OF DESTINY is a tale of adventure and the supernatural set in Egypt and India in the late 19th century. It evokes the mystery and majesty of those ancient lands, and illustrates the tensions between those who rule and those who are ruled. Out of that tension a curse is born that haunts a man who must suffer for the sins of his parents.

Eleanor Carroll Chilton
Shadows Waiting (1927) [84,642 word count]
It is primarily an intellectual novel, yet there is an exquisite and dream-like beauty about it that translates the theme to a plane where intelligence becomes more than acute analysis.

J. Storer Clouston
Two's Two (1916) [59,845 word count]
involves a man who takes a chemical potion which releases his alter-ego

Mabel Collins
Idyll of the White Lotus (1884) [35,378 word count]
This work contains a story which has been told in all ages and among every people. It is the tragedy of the soul...Idyll of the White Lotus is one of the best-known occult works of Mabel Collins.

The Blossom and the Fruit (1888) [95,535 word count]
It is set an ambiguous time and place with a man who is instantly in love with this beautiful woman who it turns out is a magician. The story has them as reincarnated souls that are bound together throughout time. Fleta is attempting to join a mysterious order and fails. The plot of the book goes in many unexpected places but it is part fairy tale part occult.

Suggestion (1892) [51,520 word count]
A thrilling tale about murder via hypnosis!

Morial the Mahatma (1892) [53,854 word count]
A complex and powerful study of black magic.

F. Marion Crawford
Mr. Isaacs (1882) [82,042 word count]
Marion Crawford's first novel; a sketch of the (then) modern Anglo-Indian life, with a touch of Oriental mystery

With the Immortals (1888) [81,179 word count]
Spend an evening with immortal geniuses discussing the philosophies of life.

Zoroaster (1891) [76,662 word count]
Zoroaster began as a good-hearted prince, but meets defamation at the hands of an evil queen. His meditations bring powers greater than mortal man.

Cecilia: A Story of Modern Rome (1902) [107,288 word count]
Cecilia and Lamberto sense that they have met before long ago. In their dreams they relive their past lives in ancient Rome which seeks to bring them together in the present.

Theron Clark Crawford
A Man and his Soul (1894) [67,513 word count]
The protagonist finds himself semi-occultly able to glimpse the future of America, a quasi-Utopia dominated by advances in technology.

T. J. Horsley Curties
Ancient records, or, The Abbey of Saint Oswythe (1801) [248,862 word count]
Classic of gothic horror involving the spectre of a nun haunting unconsecrated ground.

J. Barbey d'Aurevilly
Bewitched (1928)
In the story, a young married woman falls in love with a priest and commits suicide when the infatuation comes to nothing. Her widowed husband, who had been ruined by the French Revolution, then sets out to kill the priest out of jealousy... it inaugurates the Normandy cycle with a flourish, and, with its parallel themes of passionate and satanic possession, provides a further commentary on its author's evolving attitude to his continuing preoccupations.$b317653

Laura M. Dake
In the Crucible (1901) [51,813 word count]

Charles Romyn Dake
A Strange Discovery (1899) [64,041 word count]
Acting as a sequel to Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, it follows the deathbed confession of a man who claimed to be a member of Pym's crew on his Antarctic expedition. He recounts the adventures that he and Pym encountered after piercing the mysterious white mist in that infamous account at the end of Poe's previous novel.

Clemence Dane
Legend (1918) [50,887 word count]
a novel where the recently departed Madala Grey would exert her influence on her friends through the medium of the ever thickening fog enveloping the house they are all gathered in, before finally appearing in person, though she died that very morning

Gratiana Darrell
The Haunted Looking Glass (1897) [17,000 word count]
a well-told ghost story

William Stearns Davis
The Saint of The Dragon's Dale; a Fantastic Tale (1903) [23,112 word count]

C. A. Dawson-Scott
The Haunting (1922)
A book of paranormal suspense set in Cornwall, England.

Warrington Dawson
The Guardian Demons (1927)
Occult thriller of demonic assault and possession; an unusual modern variant on the Orpheus myth, as husband loses psychic wife to malevolent spirits, studies Black Magic to recover her soul. A spiritualist medium acts as his Charon in this quest, with fatal results.

Thomas de Quincey
Klosterheim; or the Masque (1832)[65,803 word count]
when a mysterious, disguised figure known only as The Masque appears on the scene, apparently murdering and kidnapping Klosterheim's residents with impunity, terror runs rampant. Who can he be, and who is his next victim? The evil prince is determined to find out, and he devises an elaborate trap in the form of a masked ball, but little does he realize that The Masque is always one step ahead of him, plotting a deadly and inscrutable vengeance!

H. de Vere Stacpoole
Death, the Knight, and the Lady: A Ghost Story (1897) [26,165 word count]
The tone is notably eerie for much of the time. The supernatural element involves a long-standing curse and two of the characters having flashbacks of themselves as different people living about 200 years earlier.

The City in the Sea (1925) [75,444 word count]
a Lost World novel about an ancient Greek city surviving Under the Sea

Daniel Defoe
A System of Magick; or a History of the Black Art (1840) [136,716 word count]

Charles Dickens
The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices (1905) with Wilkie Collins [40,000 word count]
Boasting two ghost stories from undisputed masters of the genre, it also uniquely demonstrates their glee in caricaturing themselves and one another

Florence Carpenter Dieudonné
Rondah, or Thirty-Three Years in a Star (1887) [36,518 word count]
A highly imaginative story in which the protagonists are transported from an Adirondack mountain summit in a spacecraft propelled by an explosion "to a planet of unspecified origin which has only partly cooled. Winters last 20 years (during which they hibernate), and the little planet's most notable inhabitants are a bird people of vegetable origin who are born in enormous pods.

Francis W. Doughty
Mirrikh; or, A Woman from Mars (1892) [104,527 word count]
eaves a fantastic story about the possibilities of trans-dimensional travel! The second part of this book will be of great interest to those traveling the spiritual path

Norman Douglas
They Went (1920) [63770 word count]
In They Went, published in 1921 and set in a mythic city in Brittany during the late Roman era, Douglas presents an allegory of goodness pitted against beauty.

Edmund Downey
A House of Tears (1888)
a fantasy featuring a half-man half-snake

Brayhard: The Strange Adventures of One Ass and Seven Champions (1890) [69,227 word count]

The Ugly Man (1896)
The Ugly Man concerns the disappearance of a great emerald. Detective mystery and horror elements are combined with humorous presentation

London's Peril (1900) [18,768 word count]
set in the Near Future, warning against a Channel Tunnel being built by the French for an invasion plan

M. H. Dziewicki
Entombed in the Flesh (1897)
At the edges of the universe, an encounter between Lucifer and Phantasto results in a challenge to Phantasto to become embodied in a person living in the city of London, and thus experience human existence.

The Forest House (1871) [42,286 word count]
But when the young girl falls into a coma, the old man tells the tale of the curse that has haunted his family since the days when a robber baron spread terror throughout the land, helped by the old man’s ancestor, the wild huntsman

Hanns Heinz Ewers
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1927) [110,652 word count]
The story follows the journey of a young man named Anselmus, who becomes entangled in a world of magic and sorcery after falling in love with a woman named Veronika. Anselmus is taken under the wing of a powerful sorcerer named Archivarius Lindhorst, who teaches him the secrets of alchemy and the occult. However, Anselmus soon discovers that Lindhorst has ulterior motives and is not the benevolent mentor he appears to be.

David Dold
In the Words of Silence (1920)

Henrietta Dorothy Everett
Behind a Mask (1898)

White Webs (1912)

The Wizard's Mantle (1902)
A romantic fantasy of 17th Spain involving a hero with a cloak of invisibility

George Allan England
Darkness and Dawn (1914) [187,863 word count]

Cursed (1919) [93,121 word count]

Paul Ernst
Mask of Death (1936) [10,622 word count]
A weird and uncanny tale about a strange criminal who called himself Doctor Satan, and the terrible doom with which he struck down his enemies

Edgar Fawcett
Solarion (1889) [34,799 word count]
A scientist looking to find a connection between electricity and its possible effect on the mind uses technological advancements to enhance the intelligence of a dog without understanding the consequences of doing so.

The Ghost of Guy Thyrle (1895)
The story of an unfortunate chemist who discovered a way to project his spirit out of his body and come back again

Wilbur Fawley
Shuddering Castle (1934) [93,413 word count]
Science fiction horror novel of radio communication with Mars and a frightening but plausible visitor from the Jungles of Mars to the world, whose presence in the old spooky castle of an eccentric millionaire-scientist on Long Island causes great fear to its inmates when night falls

Claude Farrère
The House of the Secret (1923) [52,094 word count]
A novel of psychic vampirism

William M. Ferrar
Artabanzanus; the Demon of the Great Lake (1896) [104,660 word count]
As the subtitle suggests, this is an allegory, but the motif is of a lost race nature; i.e., a vast populous land under the ground that in some respects parallels various surface nations but differs in some technological and psychic sciences. The adventures taking place are fantastic in the extreme and view it as legitimate lost race despite its mild religious bent and dream-rationale

Boyd Fisher
Immortal Andrew (1917) [56,953 word count]
Andrew Keppel is poised for success, about to be married to the lovely Eleanor Peabody and offered a cushy General Manager position over his soon-to-be-father-in-law's factories. All that changes after a burglar breaks in and steals his fiance's wedding gift and then Andrew is hit by a mail truck. When he awakens, he rushes home to find that his family is weeping over his corpse and he now inhabits the body of the burglar. And that's just the beginning!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Mary A. Fisher
Among the Immortals, in the Land of Desire: A Glimpse of the Beyond (1916)

Alfred C. Fleckenstein
The Prince of Gravas: A Story of the Past (1898) [60,662 word count]

Keith Fleming
"Can Such Things Be?" or, The Weird of the Beresfords: A Study in Occult Will-Power (1889) [51,070 word count]
Sensational weird thriller of murder, mayhem and madness embellished with numerous supernatural elements, including a family curse, ghostly visitations, a spectral violin with music, etc. Horror piled upon horror, as was the convention of the time, but entertaining as an example of the 'raw head and bloody bones' side of Victorian weird fiction, lurid and unsophisticated

Esther Forbes
A Mirror for Witches (1928)
Doll Bilby is a young girl, denounced by a relative as being a witch, and then caught up in the hysteria of the Salem witch trials.

Ronald Fraser
Flower Phantoms (1926) [32,248 word count]
"The erotic awakening of a young woman . . . Judy, a student at Kew Gardens . . . is engaged to a personable young man who does not have the ability to arouse her, though she likes him, and she is disturbed by the utilitarian, materialistic life-philosophy of her businessman brother. She becomes more and more sensitive to the hidden life of the plants at Kew, and comes to see them as personalities, with the giant orchid in the role of passionate lover. . . . Told with delicate imagery and fine perceptions, a minor rococoism of art deco literature." - E.F. Bleiler, The Guide to Supernatural Fiction (1983)$b242899

Landscape with Figures (1926) [65,832 word count]
Oriental fantasy based around the “experiences that have come in contemplating the landscape, flowers and figures in Chinese pictures and on their porcelain.”

Neal Fyne
The Land of the Living Dead (1897) [75,698 word count]
Castaways on uncharted island fall under seemingly supernatural power of life and death held by the Mighty Justin, Lord of the Land of the Living Dead.

Théophile Gautier
Spirite: A Fantasy (1877) [45,452 word count]
The grand unconsummated love affair between a young man and a ghost, this is the haunting tale of Spirite - a girl who is hopelessly devoted to the protagonist, but dedicates herself to a nunnery in despair, and dies before he even notices her presence.

Bertram Gayton
The Gland Stealers (1922) [81,487 word count]
Gran'pa is ninety-five, possessed of £100,000, a fertile imagination, and a good physique. He sees in the papers accounts of the theory of rejuvenation by means of gland-grafting.
Nothing will satisfy him but that the experiment should be made upon himself. He acquires a gorilla, a hefty murderous brute, and the operation is performed with success. That is only the beginning.

Wirt Gerrare
Rufin's Legacy (1892)
features a Russian female spy who uses her astral body nefariously

J. U. Giesy and Junius B. Smith
These two novels feature thrilling cases of Giesy's and Smith's famous occult detective Semi-Dual!

Black & White (1920)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Wolf of Erlik (1921)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Inez Haynes Gillmore
Angel Island (1914) [60,111 word count]
Five men are shipwrecked on an island inhabited by beautiful winged women

Out of the Air (1921) [52,574 word count]
David Lindsey, a young aviator, recently returned from France [fighting in the Great War, WW I], retires to an old house in New England to do some writing, and discovers gradually that the place is haunted. He soon finds out that his mysterious visitors are trying to give him a message which he cannot understand but which he soon realizes is becoming a matter of life and death.

William Godwin
St. Leon: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century (1799) [195,062 word count]
St. Leon "is a genuine supernatural fiction: the cold-hearted Reginald St Leon meets a wandering Jewish alchemist who gives him the Philosophers' Stone, by virtue of which he can make gold, and the Elixir of Life, by virtue of which he gains Immortality"

Nancy McKay Gordon
Her Bungalow: An Atlantean Memory (1898) [38,433 word count]
An occult novel in which two souls sent out of Heaven are reunited by faith in Atlantis.

James Grant
The Dead Tryst (1874) [48,888 word count]

A Haunted Life (1880) [50,793 word count]

William Child Green
The Abbot of Montserrat; or, The Pool of Blood (1826) [74,220 word count]
Green's abbot is Father Obando, a creature of one virtue and a thousand crimes who seeks religious power and sexual pleasure. He signs the contact of blood offered to him by the demon, Zatanai, then embarks upon a campaign of atrocities. He becomes the abbot of Montserrat by murdering the previous abbot and converting this holy fortress into a vast torture chamber.

Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:

N. Ter Gregor
The Star of the Sea (1897)
the protagonists of the tale, beginning in Persia in the sixth century BCE, finally achieve romantic union after travels Underground, Under the Sea, to the Moon, and into the deep past and to Victorian England via magical Time Travel.

Beatrice Grimshaw
The Sorcerer's Stone (1914)
The stone is said to have magical properties and Marjorie becomes obsessed with unlocking its secrets.As she delves deeper into the history of the stone, Marjorie discovers a world of magic and sorcery beyond her wildest dreams.

Charles F. Grindrod
The Shadow of the Raggedstone (1909) [169,979 word count]
Long regional novel of dark deeds and the supernatural set in the Malvern Hills region during the twelfth century.

Carl Grosse
Horrid Mysteries (1796) [186,255 word count]
One of the notorious "horrid" gothics that was spoken of in Austen's Northanger Abbey...The hero of the tale, the Marquis of Grosse, finds himself embroiled in a secret revolutionary society which advocates murder and mayhem in pursuit of an early form of communism. He creates a rival society to combat them and finds himself hopelessly trapped between the two antagonistic forces. The book has been both praised and lambasted for its lurid portrayal of sex, violence and barbarism.

John M. Hanifin
The Blind Men and the Devil (1891) [as Phineas] [47,984 word count]
describes the experiences of a married couple who, mistaken for dead, are dumped into a river and discover an Underground world inhabited by a blind race

John William Harding
A Conjuror of Phantoms (1898) [28,936 word count]
A short novel written in a lively style set in downtown New York, its hero an independent young man of such refined aesthetic sensibilities that he can "conjure phantoms." The story involves jewels, pawn brokers, rare books, crimes, a magic herb, and an eccentric and possibly immortal man.

Olive Harper
The Sociable Ghost (1903) [54,091 word count]
Being the Adventures of a Reporter Who Was Invited by the Sociable Ghost to a Grand Banquet, Ball, and Convention Under the Ground of Old Trinity Churchyard, a True Tale of the Things He Saw and Did Not See While He Was Not There

Franz Hartmann
An Adventure Among the Rosicrucians (1887) [41,010 word count]
Hartmann writes poetically about the beauty of the Alps and skillfully weaves the actual beliefs and practices of the ancient Rosicrucians into a tale that includes magic and an alchemical laboratory, mind-reading dwarfs, and unexpected revelations.

The Talking Image of Urur (1890) [91,017 word count]
Set in the Utopian City of Kakodumbala in Africa, from which perspective a Satire of Earthly Religions is mounted... The story represents the adventures of a 'theosophical Don Quixote' who seeks for wisdom everywhere except in the right place"

Among the Gnomes: An Occult Tale of Adventure in Untersberg (1895) [38,175 word count]
A team of modern scientists explore the Untersberg in order to disprove the existence of gnomes and Hartmann's protagonist, separated from the main party, runs smack into them. He teaches them logic, rationality and scientific method, resulting in their loss of natural innocence, war with the fairy realm, and the destruction of their kingdom.

Julian Hawthorne
A Goth from Boston (1919) [29,477 word count]
While on an errand to gently turn down a proposal from Cabot Selwyn, a Professor of Biology, Martha Klemm meets a most intriguing and alluring beauty--working in the service of the good doctor as mother maid! Fate and the forces of nature conspire to throw the trio together time and again: can the Doctor escape his ivory tower understanding of biology and embrace the human?

Part 1:
Part 2:

Fires Rekindled (1919) [23,377 word count]
Against the backdrop of the Great War, an American visitor in London doing research on his ancestor is struck by a peculiar deja vu--much stronger than the mere sense he has been to the house where he is staying, he finds he knows of details that he could not possibly, even had he once visited in his youth. The strange sense sends him on a quest for knowledge to uncover a past-life love and solve a century-old possible murder!

D. F. Haynes
The Romance of the Castle (1841) [84,231 word count]
"This night an awful messenger sent from that dread tribunal from whose power there is no appeal, by signs terrific foretold my fate approached—foretold my final moment. “Catherine, behold!” was all that issued from the specter’s lips, but in its hand it held a scroll which fixed my irrevocable doom, in letters which fascinated while they appalled my sight."

Ernest G. Henham
Bonanza: A Story of the Outside (1901) [72,855 word count]
a tale of the Arctic Gold Rush in which prospectors stumble across a valley protected by a magnetic Force Field

Krum: A Study of Consciousness (1904)
a reincarnation fantasy

The Feast of Bacchus (1907) [85,552 word count]
In the remote hamlet of Thorlund stands the manor house known as the Strath, an eerie place that exercises a mysterious hold over anyone who enters it. The site of tragedy in 1742 when its owner, Sir John Hooper, turned highwayman and met his death on the gallows, the Strath has remained vacant for over a century, a pair of hideous masks its only occupants.

Furze the Cruel (1907) [143,993 word count]
Furze the Cruel is the first of Trevena's trilogy of novels focusing on life in Dartmoor, a land peopled by strange and often grotesque characters and haunted by pixies and witchcraft.

William Henry Herbert
The Haunted Homestead (1840)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Paul Heyes
At the Ghost Hour: The Fair Abigail (1894) [10,000 word count]
A man encounters the woman he once loved and is fascinated by her, eventually discovering that she holds a dark secret.

At the Ghost Hour: Mid-Day Magic (1894)

At the Ghost Hour: The House of the Unbelieving Thomas (1894) [13,035 word count]
The tale gives us a good picture of the two ghosts which seem to have all the foibles of regular people. They haunt a home, but the occupants are not really bothered by them.

Robert Hichens
Both his supernatural novels – Flames: A London Phantasy (1897) and The Dweller on the Threshold (1911) – depict the malign consequences of intensifying male relationships through spiritual means, the latter tale very vividly depicting the horrors of psychic exposure.

Flames (1897) [171,452 word count]

Dweller on the Threshold (1911) [52,288 word count]

E.T.A. Hoffmann
The Devil's Elixir (1829) [129,380 word count]
In the novel The Devil's Elixir, Hoffmann recounts the creepy exploits of a monk who is driven to the brink of madness by a mysterious substance--and a mysterious, possibly demonic figure who bears a striking resemblance to the monk himself.

Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:

William Holt-White
The Man Who Dreamed Right (1910) [65,979 word count]
Science fantasy novel about Mymms, a humble British clerk who, while dreaming, can foresee the future. Ultimately, on the eve of a world war over who will possess him, he dreams something so horrible he cannot speak about it

Sydney Horler
The Curse of Doone (1928)
Returning to London from a job in Venice, secret service member Ian Heath rescues a woman from being kidnapped while at the theatre. He learns she is an orphan who has come back to England to stay with her uncle, an inventor who lives in an old country house on the edge of Dartmoor. The house is reportedly haunted by the "vampire of Doone Hall".

Robert E. Howard
Skull-Face (1929) [33,140 word count]
Mystery, terror, blood n guts, romance, treachery, death, fear, survival -- an awesomely delightful smorgasbord of mucking fisticuffs and mighty fun! Thick and dangerous plots filled with murky motivations and blood-thrilling battles of wit and brawn! Massive fists of powerful writing pummel the readers' senses into an euphoric overload until everything hums with the passion of a master storyteller.

Black Canaan (1936) [13,023 word count]
A tale of the Southern swamps, and voodoo
brought from blackest Africa—a spine-freezing,
blood-chilling story of a beautiful
quadroon girl who wielded bitter magic.

Emeric Hulme-Beaman
Ozmar the Mystic (1896)
Occult mystery novel featuring Oriental adept who possesses, and uses, supernatural powers

Fergus Hume
The Gentleman Who Vanished (1890) [30,622 word count]
A dark and eerie murder mystery with themes of theosophy at play.

A Creature of the Night (1891) [48,696 word count]
a young Englishman loses his way and finds himself lost in an eerie graveyard. Seeing a mysterious woman emerge from one of the tombs, he follows her to a deserted mansion, where he witnesses a murder worthy of the Borgias. How can such a crime take place undetected in the prosaic nineteenth century? And is the woman a vampire? a ghoul? or an altogether more earthly villain...?

The Nameless City (1893) [56,176 word count]
A lost race story involving a nameless city in Majorca, serving as the capital of the Gypsy race.

Isabella Ingalese
Mata the Magician (1901) [63,294 word count]
A rare occult novel set in the 1830s in New York state featuring psychic phenomena and reincarnation

Linked Lives (1903) [60,113 word count]
Occult fantasy on the theme of reincarnation.

Margaret Irwin
Still She Wished For Company (1924) [73,943 word count]
The story moves between the 1920s and the 1770s, following two heroines...The two heroines can see one another from time to time, momentarily, through some rent in the fabric of time, but never manage to meet and interact. Their lives converge as Juliana's world is turned upside down; her father dies and her notoriously wicked and mysterious brother, Lucian Clare, returns to take his position as head of the family.Lucian recognizes a supernatural power in Juliana, and uses this to reach out to Jan through the ages.

G. P. R. James
The Commissioner; or, De Lunatico Inquirendo (1843) [520 pages]
Satirical science fiction - a Lunarian is sent to Earth.

The Castle of Ehrenstein; Its Lords, Spiritual and Temporal; Its Inhabitants, Earthly and Unearthly (1847) [156,165 word count]
"... his masterpiece of terror ... a superb portrayal of a ghost-riddled castle"

Edgar Jepson
The Garden at No. 19 (1910) [63,453 word count]
Considered mandatory reading by Aleister Crowley for its stunning portrayal of modern paganism, The Garden at #19 is a masterpiece of terror and wonder worthy of comparison to the best of Algernon Blackwood and Arthur Machen.

The Horned Shepherd (1927) [24,290 word count]
Wander the magical world of the Valley of Fine Fleeces with a fascinating cast of characters. Meet Big Anna, keeper of both the pagan flame and Cross; a Princess aflame for a strange lover; an Egyptian Priest, steward of mysteries; Friar Paul, lean and sinister; and Saccabe the Black Goat, Father of Many Flocks. Above all you will encounter the mysterious Shepherd of supernatural radiance, among whose curls nestle two small soft horns. Events converge in the forest on Midsummer Eve at full moon as celebrants arrive with meat, bread and wine for the Feast. The Wise Ones recognize the Horned Shepherd as an ancient fertility god who should be sacrificed to enrich the land.

George Lindsay Johnson
The Weird Adventures of Professor Delapine of the Sorbonne (1916) [117,014 word count]
"Through a series of seances the professor changes his views toward spiritualism. The main story line ends with two marriages ... and includes a coup at the tables in Monte Carlo."

Mary Johnston
The Witch (1914) [106,659 word count]
A bold tale of witchcraft and deceit

Sweet Rocket (1920) [43,302 word count]
Sweet Rocket is an old Southern plantation where a few congenial spirits have gathered together and where the conversation gravitates naturally toward the finer things in life...A metaphysical maze

The Exile (1927) [64,577 word count]
in the indefinite Near Future, a great but unidentified country falls prey to a dictatorship; resisters, including the protagonist, are exiled to Eldorado Island, which he remembers, mysteriously, from three centuries previous.

Maurus Jókai
Told by the Death's Head (1902) [89,411 word count]
It has humour, darkness, witches, Satan, thieves, love, 21 crimes in all. Very enjoyable, and excellent translation. Let the ruling begin!

Coulson Kernahan
A Dead Man's Diary, written after His Decease (1890) [32,081 word count]
Recounts a dead man's journey through Hell

The Red Peril (1908) [57,160 word count]
envisages a plot to bomb “giddy, fashionable Brighton”,
masterminded by a quartet of “Nihilist, Anarchist” terrorists, made up of the Polish Vinski, the
Germans Heinzt and Schwynter, and an American Jew named Boker

Jessie Douglas Kerruish
The Undying Monster (1922) [75,300 word count]
With a vengeful werewolf and a dark family secret this is an early horror original crawling with supernatural suspense. An ancient family curse and a demonic creature are the focus of this horror mystery penned by the imaginative Jessie Douglas Kerruish.

Rufus King
The Fatal Kiss Mystery (1928)
Ramier Bellamy kisses Drusilla Duveen good-by and prepares to make himself invisible. but something goes wrong with his experiment--and when the machine he invented starts to hum, it is Drusilla, not he, who vanishes!
That's just the first in a series of mysterious events that will keep you guessing--and wondering.

Russell Kirk
Old House of Fear (1961)
Russell Kirk's 1961 Gothic novel "Old House of Fear" delivers mystery, murder, mayhem, and a maiden in distress on a remote and haunted island in the Hebrides Islands of northern Scotland, along with some subtle satire on the politics of the era.$b102382
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Selma Lagerlöf
The General's Ring (1928)
A classic ghost story by Selma Lagerlöf.
The notorious general Bengt Löwensköld is on his deathbed and his last wish is to be buried with a ring. After his death, the tomb is opened and the ring is stolen. Every person who comes into contact with the ring is visited by the dead general who soon terrorizes the entire village. The stolen ring lures everyone who comes into contact with it straight into depravity and now it's time to return the ring to the general before it's too late...

J. Sheridan Le Fanu
All in the Dark (1862) [98,061 word count]
...and it enables Le Fanu to express his opinions on a credulous bourgeoisie ‘addicted to the supernatural’ (Le Fanu 37). In addition, the text also, rather more slyly, interrogates its author’s own work and the genre which it defines. All in the Dark is a Northanger Abbey for the Victorian gothic, but it is a parody that did not, apparently, suit the times, when ghost stories were voraciously consumed, and hauntings were reported in the press like any other news story. On closer reading, however, All in the Dark is at once both a gothic comedy and a serious cultural critique.

Guy Deverell (1865) [130,773 word count]
It's got everything a fan of old English Gothic mystery could want: very believable characters, set in an huge old English manor house in the countryside, so called hauntings, missing notes, cigars, sherry, brandy, and the list goes on.
Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:

The Tenants of Mallory (1867) [162,495 word count]
This story opens in the little Welsh town of Cardyllian. The hero is Cleve Verney, who falls in love with Margaret Fanshawe, the daughter of Sir Booth Fanshawe, who, in ignorance of his landlord’s identity, is hiding from his creditors at Malory, part of the estate of Lord Verney,—Arthur’s uncle,—who has brought Sir Booth to ruin. The two families hate each other. Arthur Verney marries Margaret Fanshawe secretly in France, to which country Sir Booth has departed. His uncle Lord Verney wishes him to marry a lady of rank; and he, being ambitious and knowing that his prospects will be at an end if his marriage is known, procrastinates. A son is born to him, but this only adds to his embarrassment. He hears that Lord Verney himself has decided to marry the lady intended for him; and he contemplates bigamy, in order to forestall his uncle. Death and madness ensue.
Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:
Vol. 3:

A Lost Name (1868)
...When finally Sir Roke is found cruelly murdered in his chamber, an old family prophesy seems to fulfil itself, namely that the curse on the Shadwell family, which was brought about by a jealous wife’s suicide, is going to take its effect.
Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:
Vol. 3:

Checkmate (1870) [152,584 word count]
a mystery story which centres on a strange and mysterious man with a disfigurement and a 'dark' past which he reveals to no-one.

The Rose and the Key (1871)
A beautiful young heroine - A cruel and unfeeling mother - A one-eyed spy - A mesmerist - A lunatic asylum. These are the perfect components for a Victorian sensation novel, and in The Rose and the Key, J. Sheridan Le Fanu weaves them into a thrilling Gothic mystery.

Gaston Leroux
The Perfume of the Lady in Black (1909) [112,150 word count]

The Bride of the Sun (1915) [63,966 word count]
Iconic pulp fiction involving a virgin maiden being sacrificed to ancient Incan gods!

Maurice Level
The Grip of Fear (1911) [55,289 word count]

Those Who Return (1923) [47,956 word count]

Wyndham Lewis
The Childermass (1928)
The novel follows the adventures of two Englishmen, Sattersthwaite and Pullman, presumably killed in the Great War, as they posthumously navigate a bizarre purgatorial afterlife while awaiting admission to something called The Magnetic City.

George Lippard
The Quaker City; or The Monks of Monk Hall (1845) [273,044 word count]
A searing novel of violence and debauchery in Philadelphia, it was considered the first US bestseller for its lurid and surreal themes.

H. S. Lockhart-Ross
Hamtura: A Tale of Unknown Land (1892)
set in a Lost World Archipelago in the South Pacific, where two lost races are at war with each other.

H. P. Lovecraft
Medusa's Coil (with Zealia B. Bishop) [16,153 word count]
An unnamed narrator gets lost somewhere in Missouri and finds shelter in a decrepit house. The man who lives there is very old and he tells the narrator the story of his family's doom. It's cosmic horror combined with a tragic family story.

Marie Belloc Lowndes
From Out The Vasty Deep (1920) [70,818 word count]
Set during Christmas, this is a book for Christmas. It has everything that we love about the season: Mystery, Murder, Haunted Houses, Ghosts, Sins Past and Present, Flickering Candles, Staircases.

What Timmy Did (1921) [88,604 word count]
Years ago, Godfrey Radmore made a dramatic exit to Australia, and cut himself off from all his friends. Now Godfrey is returning to England as that thing wonderful to most people -- a millionaire.
Is it likely, the wise old doctor asks himself upon hearing the news, that a man of such changed circumstances would ever give a thought to his boyish love affair with Betty Tosswill -- however violent, piteous and painful as the affair was? Surely not . . . but has Betty forgotten?
He will learn soon enough -- for George will be staying at the house of Betty's sister Janet . . . where old doubts and grievances seem to live on despite all the years gone by

Alexander Lowson
John Guidfollow; or, the Murder of the Earl of Strathmore. A mystical, historical romance of Forfarshire (1890)

G. H. Lusty
Into The Unseen (1913)
There are adventures with tigers and fakirs, visions, trances, signs and wonders, and a love interest rendered fascinating by the mystical framework in which it is introduced.

Arthur Machen
The Coming of the Terror (1917) [17,813 word count]
t's an amazing eco-horror story, where nature revolts against mankind...A condensed, re-edit of the previously released novella The Terror.

The Secret Glory (1922) [64,343 word count]
A sensitive young man is sustained through his barbaric schooling by thoughts and memories of the Holy Grail kept secret in his Welsh homeland. He embarks on a journey to find the Holy Grail and to become a Celtic mystic like his forefathers

Lucas Malet
The Gateless Barrier (1900) [63,555 word count]
The writer Laurence Rivers inherits a family mansion from his ominous cousin Montagu. He discovers a locked “yellow drawing-room”, left intact with its early-nineteenth-century feminine trifles (embroidery, letters, music). The room is haunted by a lovely ghost, Agnes, and Laurence is the reborn version of her original lover.

The Tall Villa (1919) [51,755 word count]
The Copleys have had financial misfortune and are forced to leave London and settle at The Tall Villa. Frances Copley is soon abandoned by her husband as he heads off to achieve financial success in South America. While alone in the Tall Villa, she begins to feel a supernatural presence and wills it into being.

R. M. Manley
The Queen of Ecuador (1894)
a red-headed Englishman discovers an Inca-based civilization in the Vale of Paucartambo, and weds a princess; back in the normal world, his daughter is threatened by a Mad Scientist doctor, but escapes.

Virgil Markham
Death in the Dusk (1928) [124,351 word count]
This epic mystery story has a grim, fairytale-like flavor and its plot involves such phantasmagorical elements as an imperishable arm, a bone floating in mid-air, an enchanted duel between mediaeval sorcerers, a bleeding portrait and a cat that is impervious to gunfire.

H. B. Marriott Watson
Marahuna: A Romance (1888)
The eponymous female, a member of an unknown Antarctic society living beyond a region of fire, perhaps the Earth's interior, is taken to England by the narrator. "... the last survivor of a separate Creation; she is supernaturally attractive but has no moral sensibility, and cannot adapt to the world of men.

Henry Crocker Marriott Watson
The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire or the Witch's Cavern (1890) [82,197 word count]
A man is brought back in time by a witch to warn of the eventual fall of the British Empire.

Frederick Marryat
The Phantom Ship (1839) [136,733 word count]
A sharply written tale of adventure on the seas, the story of The Phantom Ship will grip the reader from the outset, drawing one into the vibrant world of Captain Marryat's imagination. It is the story of one Phillip Vanderdecken and his quest to release his father from an eternity spent commanding the Flying Dutchman.

Florence Marryat
The Strange Transfiguration of Hannah Stubbs (1896) [80,419 word count]
In this novel, the spirit of woman murdered by her jealous husband inhabits the body of his second wife and wreaks her revenge.

The Dead Man's Message [47,871 word count]
Professor Aldwyn wakes from a nap to discover that he is actually dead. During life he was a rational man of science, but he has now entered the spirit world and is forced to account for his actions on earth.

Richard Marsh
The Mahatma's Pupil (1893) [36,863 word count]
Genteel John Redford is accosted by a seedy fellow who begs for the price of a meal. His name is Mr. Pye and he claims he's a magician. How can this sleazy down-and-out, who talks like a stable hand, possibly be a weaver of spells?

The Chase of the Ruby (1900) [39,568 word count]
While in Africa, attempting to make his fortune so that he may marry his heiress fiancee, Guy Holland has a mysterious vision concerning his uncle and a ruby. He returns to England to learn that his wealthy uncle has died with only two heirs, Guy and his cousin Horace Burton. The will states that if, within the next four days, Guy can recover the ruby ring which his uncle had given to the actress/adventuress Gay Bewicke, he will inherit the entire fortune. If he does not recover the ring, the entire fortune will go to Burton.

A Second Coming (1900) [56,143 word count]
In A Second Coming, Marsh imagines what would happen if the long-awaited second coming of Christ took place in present-day London. How would he be received in a modern, industrialized world that had begun to question the relevance of his teachings and had tacitly given up hope of his return?

The Magnetic Girl (1903) [60,899 word count]
The Magnetic Girl is Marsh's quirky take on the story of Cinderella. Tomboyish and somewhat plain Miss Norah has always lived in the shadow of her lovelier sisters and is constantly talked-down to by them and their mother. One day she makes a wish that they experience the vulgarities and vagaries of her woeful life. Naturally her wish comes true.

A Duel (1904) [86,475 word count]
They say that all is fair in love and war, and in this thriller from renowned British author Richard Marsh, what begins as a story of romance soon turns into something that more closely resembles an armed battle. Will the newlyweds overcome the evil in their midst and live happily ever after?

The Death Whistle (1905) [510 pages]
It's both a fairy-tale love story and a crime novel. There is a ghost, but he's there for flavor more than anything.

Sidney John Marshall
The King of Kor: Or, She's Promise Kept (1903)
A continuation of H. Rider Haggard's lost race adventure She.

Helen Mathers
Wrostella's Weird (1892) [28,078 word count]

The Juggler of the Soul (1896) [42,611 word count]
A rare work of sci-fi interest, with themes involving Hypnosis, experiments in Medicine, and reanimation of the dead

The Sin of Hagar (1896)

Charles Robert Maturin
The Albigenses (1824)
This is a magnificent blend of Gothic fantasy: battles, jousts, sieges, damsels in distress, wise hermits, evil witches, corrupt ecclesiastics - even werewolves...with plenty of comedy to leaven the horror, and some bromance to leaven the courtly love of knights for maidens.

John J. Meyer
The Deer-Smellers of Haunted Mountain (1921)
A comedic take on dystopian future war involving astral projection, firing countries off into space, a sinister hidden mountain base and all other manner of weirdness.

Cleveland Moffett
Possessed (1920) [60,010 word count]
Possessed is an occultish tale in which a heroic nurse in World War One who has a lover, and the Invention of a deadly strain of plague, are seen as conjoinedly malign

Bertram Mitford
Sign of the Spider (1897) [88,740 word count]
...Left with seemingly no choice but to put a gun to his head, Stanninghame sets out with a slave trader, Hazon, into the country of the mysterious tribe of the Ba-gcatya, the People of the Spider. Stanninghame is a hardened adventurer, undaunted by danger or death. But even he is unprepared for the horror he encounters when he is marked out as a sacrifice to the monstrous spider-god of the Ba-gcatya!

The Weird of Deadly Hollow (1899) [41,770 word count]
Years ago, it is said, "Moordenaar's Hoek" (Afrikaans for "Deadly" or "Murderer's Hollow") witnessed a horrible tragedy. Gert Van Niekerk, a Boer farmer, murdered his brother in cold blood during a terrible storm. Hanged for his crime, Van Niekerk's ghost haunts the land in the form of a spectral leopard that can appear and disappear at will. And, according to local legend, a "blood curse" haunts the Hollow, where, on dark and stormy nights, the horrible murder is re-enacted.

Enoch Anson More
Out of the Past (1895) [58,824 word count]
...concerning a mummified woman from Ancient India revived by a 19th century American, and involves mysticism, possessions and adventure in good measure.

Rosa Mulholland a.k.a. Lady Gilbert
The Late Miss Hollingford (1868) [34,002 word count]
A Dickensian (in fact, Dickens was a fan) tale of melodramatic high drama and woe.

Hume Nisbet
Ashes: A Tale of Two Spheres (1890) [120,614 word count]
From the Preface: This is a mythological legend of ancient times, when gods and goddesses, with good and bad genii, prowled over the face of the earth and dictated the destinies of mankind- a fairy story, as it were, written for the benefit of grown children, and costumed up to date, so as not to offend the modern proprieties

The Great Secret: A Tale of Tomorrow (1895) [81,140 word count]
Begins as a novel of adventure with a conflict between anarchists set on destruction and the passengers and crew of a ship. The anarchists kill all the others and most of the anarchists come to a bad end. Three of the dead pass through the River Styx to a spirit world of almost static perfection where all the perfected spirits of the past together with a few immortals live in their own civilizations, which have been stripped of their imperfections.

Elliott O'Donnell
The Unknown Depths (1905)
"An interesting occult novel of Egypt"

Fred A. Ober
John North in Mexico: A Tale of the Silver City (1892) [92,852 word count]
a lost race adventure

Samuel W. Odell
The Princess Athura: A Romance of Iran (1913) [92,466 word count]
a historical fantasy

Mrs. Oliphant
A Beleaguered City (1879) [47,038 word count]
In the ancient fortress town of Semur in Burgundy, strange unnerving events are taking place, and an invisible multitude has gathered outside the gates: the spirits of the dead are returning to Semur. Eventually these spirits take over the city, and push the town's populace outside the gates.

The Lady's Walk (1897) [32,098 word count]
Mr Temple, the narrator of this story, meets the Campbell family while travelling in Switzerland. He admires 28-year-old Charlotte ("Chatty"), who is a mother-sister figure to the rest; and he is pleased to be invited to their West Highlands estate, Ellermore, for the shooting. As his love for Chatty grows, he becomes aware how unlikely it is that she would ever marry and leave her family.
While on this visit he learns about the family ghost - an ancient relation who comes at sunset each evening to walk in the old beech walk known as the Lady's Walk, and whose footsteps can be heard going up and down the avenue. After he is approached twice by a mysterious veiled lady with a warning that Chatty's brother Colin is in great trouble, he and Chatty and her father rush to London - but will they be in time?

Oliver Onions
The Tower of Oblivion (1921) [142,646 word count]
The protagonist of The Tower of Oblivion (1921), having reached a certain point in middle age, is or believes himself to be living backward and growing younger.

Harriet E. Orcutt
Empire of the Invisibles (1899) [28,333 word count]
"The Empire of the Invisibles" is a land peopled by the ghosts of those who have committed suicide.
Many of the ghosts have killed themselves because of poverty, unable to raise the means to support themselves. What happens to those who die by other means, the ghosts do not know. As ghosts, they are no longer subject to the physical needs of food and sleep. What sort of society will develop in this land of ghosts, non-material but still present in the world? Each individual responds according to his personality, inclinations and interests. Harriet Orcutt explores the possibilities of Utopia in an ethereal community, no longer subject to day-to-day physical needs.

Hell (1897)

Condé B. Pallen
Ghost House (1928)
Science fantasy detective story in which a protagonist devises a means to extract and reproduce visually the impressions received by the walls of a house of a murder committed many years earlier.

Margaret B. Peeke
Born of Flame (1892) [87,993 word count]
A Weird and fantastic story taken from the manuscript of a woman who died in an insane asylum. Relates her travels in India,Tibet and elsewhere. A Mass of Strange Ideas - Occult Powers - Origins of the World and the Races of man. This is a MUST for any student of the Occult.

Mary L. Pendered
The Secret of the Dragon (1911) [99,104 word count]
A romance of alchemy and other occult sciences

F. E. Penny
The Malabar Magician (1912) [90,462 word count]
Episodic novel set in imperial India, mostly criminal investigations of inspector Hillary, aided by the Kurumba, a fakir with genuine supernatural powers. Magical feats include clairvoyance and induced hallucinations, conjuring bats out of thin air, and giving a miscreant the soul of a monkey. In one episode a suspected were-leopard is exposed as cunning murderer.

Frank Powell
The Wolf-Men: A Tale of Amazing Adventure in the Under-World (1906) [83,420 word count]
Imaginative lost race adventure novel about the discovery of an underground world replete with monsters from earth's prehistory, others, such as giant spiders, and a race of vicious subhuman creatures, the wolf-men.

Mrs. Campbell Praed
The Brother of the Shadow (1916) [32,651 word count]
Praed followed Affinities with a more deeply occult novel, in which she included many aspects of occult experience, such as mesmerism, astral body projections, and twin soul theories.

The Soul of Countess Adrian (1891) [64,670 word count]
A weird novel of supernatural possession in which the soul of the dead Countess Agnes Adrian, a femme fatale who has studied occultism in the East, displaces the soul of a young American actress; a kind of vampirism.

Ambrose Pratt
The Living Mummy (1910) [70,663 word count]
unique mummy book where the mummy becomes discovered by archaeologists working in Egypt. He is obedient to an evil mastermind who can become invisible and strangles his victims (for the high priest Phahmes).

J. V. Prichard
An Unlaid Ghost: A Study in Metempsychosis (1888) [41,810 word count]
A novel of the supernatural and reincarnation

J.B. Priestley
Benighted (1927) [65,895 word count]
a classic 'old dark house' novel of psychological terror

William C. Proby
The Spirit of the Castle (1801) [61,912 word count]
Classic of gothic literature featuring a haunted portrait and other spirits that walk the night

Roderic Quinn
Mostyn Stayne (1897) [33,335 word count]
Here, we are given the story of Mostyn Stayne, notorious smuggler, privateer and pirate and of the many bloody deeds he had done, and all the strange, inexplicable events that befell him

Arthur Ransome
The Elixir of Life (1915) [84,635 word count]
a Gothic tale set in 1716 England whose protagonist is a reclusive and feared philosopher (like Victor Frankenstein, a student of Paracelsus and Cornelius Agrippa) who 200 years previously acquired the titular elixir of Immortality from his late mentor.”

Earl H. Reed
The Ghost in the Tower (1921) [13,693 word count]
The ghost in question is the shade of the Hungarian Emric Szapolyai, a general of King Mathias Corvinus. Dying in 1489, the ghost travelled to the Mediterranean, falling in with Christian and Turkish Pirates, then to the new world where he sailed with Morgan and Blackbeard

Paul Regard
The Haunted Legacy: A Gypsy Fantasy (1914) [60,952 word count]

Forrest Reid
Pender Among the Residents (1923) [278 pages]
Pender soon discovers himself to be among another group of residents as well: the ghosts of the dead haunt an old chamber, long disused, where a century earlier a tragedy played out, involving his great-grandfather Edward, his young wife, Roxana, and her lover. As Pender passes the period of his convalescence in piecing together the family history from dusty portraits and long-concealed letters, the haunted chamber begins to exercise its influence upon him, and the barrier that divides past from present and the living from the dead, begins to break down, leading to an eerie and unsettling climax . . .

Mrs. J.H. Riddell
Fairy Water (1873) [56,135 word count]
...But the barrister has troubles of his own when he discovers that the uncanny legends surrounding his own country house, Crow Hall, might have more than a grain of truth in them. Moreover, it seems that the haunting at Crow Hall and the fate of the widow at Fairy Water are destined to become intertwined...

The Haunted River (1877) [50,433 word count]
Indeed, the house seems too good to be true and Magraret discovers that the locality is said to be haunted by the ghost of a suicide. Soon, she has to contend not only with the possibility that the stories of ghostly neighbours might have more than a grain of truth, but also with the unscrupulous actions of the house's London landlord. Soon, the sisters are caught between earthly misdemeanours and supernatural forces intent on revenge...

The Disappearance of Jeremiah Redworth (1878) [48,701 word count]
When Jeremiah Redworth fails to return from home, his family are understandably worried. As time goes on, it becomes clear that Redworth has died in mysterious circumstances that may never come fully to light. But they say murder will out, and when stories start spreading of uncanny goings on in the countryside around Redworth's former home, it seems that the troubled dead might succeed where the police have failed.

The Nun's Curse (1888)

Conway, returning from Christian's banquet, spied and gave chase to a surviving, escaping nun. Before she died she cursed every future owner of Calgarry, that they may have no good of their wealth nor happiness in their home and that their family be always divided. Father against son and wife against husband. At the time of our story the curse has been totally realized for the last three centuries.
Vol. 1: [297 pages]
Vol. 2: [291 pages]

Leitch Ritchie
The Magician (1836)
A tale of magic, secrets, and betrayal, Leitch Ritchie’s 1846 novel set in France features several romances that must overcome the divides created by religion and class, while trust is tested by unknown foes with sinister motives
Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:
Vol. 3:

Sax Rohmer
The Romance of Sorcery (1914) [372 pages]
The present work is the only non-fiction book Sax Rohmer wrote. He was thirty when it was published, and it shows that by then he was a profound student of things occult. In this book he comes to the conclusion, in a very sane and reflective way, that the occult contains a great deal of truth which we can find only by the occult path.

The Golden Scorpion (1919) [63,658 word count]
Four brilliant men have died mysteriously -- and the only clue is the carved tail of a golden scorpion, left beside their bodies. The man behind the horror calls himself The Scorpion, and he clearly is a man of superior cunning. When the finest detectives of France and England join forces to stop The Scorpion before he can add a fifth victim to his list, the twisting trail takes them through the haunts of London's underworld to the seamy opium dens of Chinatown -- and from there into the Lair of the Scorpion.

Fire Tongue (1921) [61,489 word count]
Detective Paul Harley investigates cases that go beyond your standard-issue crimes and misdemeanors -- his inquiries often veer into the realm of the supernatural. In the novel Fire-Tongue, Harley finds himself up against a shadowy secret society that will stop at nothing to achieve world domination.

The Green Eyes of Bast (1920) [71,708 word count]
Psychic investigator Dr. Damar Greefe is strolling home. It's been a tough day, assisting the police. During this stroll, he feels someone or something watching him -- but when he turns to see who it is, he faces only emptiness. Then he sees a cat staring at him, eyes as green as jade. But when he goes to investigate, the cat has disappears!
Then the body of Sir Marcus Coverly is found in a crate headed out to sea. The ensuing investigation leads Dr. Greefe deeper into Egypt's mysteries. And into -- the Green Eyes of Bast!

Grey Face (1924) [81,978 word count]
The horrible grey face. It appeared in Limehouse; it appeared in Soho, and in the most fashionable quarters of London, and one night a woman dies in an evil district gasping "The Grey Face -- The Grey Face." While Douglas Carey is trying to clear up a gigantic plot, the face appears to him and his reason totters. The girl he loves begins to mistrust him and accuses him of horrible deeds. The Grey Face appears to her and she joins with her lover in an attempt to solve the sinister mystery. The climax is tremendous, incident having followed upon incident with such rapidity, that the expose of the whole fabric is exceptionally dramatic.

Katherine Metcalf Roof
The Great Demonstration (1920)
A tale of a love triangle involving mind control and astral projection gone awry.

Adrian Ross
By One and by Two and by Three (1887)

Sapper (Cyril McNeile)
The Green Death (1920) [11,200 word count]
A dinner party ends with a sudden death, and it is up to Major Bob Seymour to get to the bottom of the mystery, using his knowledge of exotic flora.
Part 1:
Part 2:

Frank Savile
Beyond the Great South Wall (1899) [80,815 word count]
a classic romantic adventure that can be classified as both archaeological and cryptozoological fiction. The search for the source of strange ancient coins leads to danger in the Antarctic, both from the harsh environment and a monstrous creature.

Nellie T. Sawyer
The Egyptian Ring (1901) [18,888 word count]
theosophically inflected romance features a scarab in a gold setting that once belonged to the historical Cleopatra VII and is now in the possession of her reincarnation in the modern world

Robert W. Service
Master of the Microbe (1926) [118,455 word count]
featuring a deadly "Purple Pest" virus developed by a German Mad Scientist who wishes to wreak vengeance on Europe for the German defeat in World War One by infecting the continent with plague

House of Fear (1927) [124,974 word count]
Judge de Marsac, eldest son of an ancient family of French nobles, uses mind control to force his brother to commit violent acts, ultimately multiple murders in the guise of a werewolf.

Frederick Henri Seymour
Maugis, Ye Sorcerer (1898)

Olivia Shakespear
Beauty’s Hour: A Phantasy (1896) [13,485 word counbt]
A plain woman wishes to be beautiful and one day discovers that she has the ability to transform herself into a beauty at will.
Part 1:
Part 2:

Percy Bysshe Shelley
St. Irvyne; or, the Rosicrucian (1811) [34,636 word count]
he main character is Wolfstein, a solitary wanderer, who encounters Ginotti, an alchemist of the Rosicrucian or Rose Cross Order who seeks to impart the secret of immortality.

M. P. Shiel
The Yellow Danger (1898) [125,560 word count]
a Future War tale in which a "yellow horde" invades Europe, under the malign leadership of Dr Yen How (a clear precursor of Sax Rohmer's Dr Fu-Manchu[/i]

The Lord of the Sea (1901) [83,972 word count]
THE LORD OF THE SEA, published in May 1901, is one of Shiel's most important and popular works. "... with the aid of a cache of diamonds recovered from a meteorite [Richard Hogarth] finances the building of giant floating fortresses that give him command of the sea-lanes. He uses this advantage to blackmail the nations into peace and social progress

The Last Miracle (1906) [77,290 word count]
Part of a loosely linked trilogy of science fiction novels, the first two being THE LORD OF THE SEA (1901) and THE PURPLE CLOUD (1901).

The Isle of Lies (1909) [264 pages]
Romance set on an island, combining themes of mad scientist, the creation of a superman and the conflict of scholarship and romantic love. "A tale of the power of suggestion written before the word 'suggestion' was in everyone's mouth, as now ..

The Dragon (1913) [392 pages]
Science fiction novel of future war between Britain and China.

How the Old Woman Got Home (1928)
The incredible and uproarious tale of Hazlitt and the strange people who kidnapped his old mother...a science fiction mystery novel.

George Robert Sims
The Devil in London (1908) [43,209 word count]
In this novel, the devil appears in Soho to cause mischief.

Thorne Smith
Topper (1926) [74,480 word count]

Edmund Snell
Blue Murder (1927) [62,958 word count]
involves a mad scientist with a flame-like Ray which disintegrates its victims

Riccardo Stephens
The Cruciform Mark: The Strange Story of Richard Tregenna, Bachelor of Medicine (1896) [144,442 word count]
Novel of occultism and crime in Fin-de-Siécle Edinburgh. The first-person narrator, a medical student, describes the rash of strange deaths in the city: all have a cruciform mark at the back of their necks and are reported to have acted hysterically in their final days.

The Mummy (1912) [90,007 word count]
Dr. Armiston, middle-aged bachelor and general practitioner, has his quiet and routine life interrupted when he is called in to consult on the deaths of two young men. One case seems to be a tragic accident, the other the result of natural causes, but they have one strange thing in common: the presence of the same ancient Egyptian mummy case in both men's homes. When Armiston learns that the sarcophagus is inscribed with a terrible curse promising vengeance on anyone who disturbs the mummy's repose, and as the series of deaths continues, the doctor will risk his own life to unravel the mystery and find out whether the mummy - or something or someone else - is responsible

Louis Lacy Stevenson
His Dead Life (1925) [27,839 word count]

Frank R. Stockton
The Great War Syndicate (1889) [35,701 word count]
This story was written and is set towards the end of the 19th century at a time of increasing tension between the United States of America and the British Empire. When the tensions threaten to spill over into an actual conflict and the American public are demanding that their leaders declare a war which the United States is not well equipped to fight, a syndicate offer the US government a novel way to deal with the problem ...

The Stories of the Three Burglars (1889) [33,157 word count]
Three burglars are captured and tell a series of fantastical stories in an effort to free themselves.

The Vizier of Two-Horned Alexander (1899) [38,145 word count]
To find the fountain of youth - what would that entail, to live forever, to pass through many generations, without dying? Would it be a blessing or a curse? We are taken on an amazing journey, as the man originally known as Kroudhr, Vizier to the King Alexander, tells his rather bewildered American guest a bizarre story

T. S. Stribling
The Web of the Sun (1922) [62,371 word count]
A harrowing lost race adventure where children are sacrificed to a giant spider!

J. Harry Sugden
The Sphinx-like Head: a tale of mystery (1896)
Lost race adventure novel set on an unknown island and concerning two subdivisions of the same race in conflict; the villains inhabit an underground City of Destruction

Alan Sullivan
The Jade God (1924) [71,373 word count]
The story is centred upon a jade god, made by one Lung Sen. The jade god seems to reach out and exert a powerful influence over events, both strange and mysterious. The author incorporates telepathy and the atmosphere of the East to create this 1925 mystery novel

The Days of Their Youth (1926) [330 pages]
A Thoughtful and profoundly conceived novel, delineating the spiritual growth of an English middle class family, and the influence wielded on its members by the spirit of the dead father.

Creswick J. Thompson
Zorastro: A Romance (1899) [49,110 word count]
“Historical romance with pronounced supernaturalism; title character a Renaissance magus practicing black magic. Thompson was a noted writer on occult subjects, knowledge here put to good use in descriptions of magical beliefs and rituals.”

T.R. Threlfall
The Great Magician (1901) [92,605 word count]
Lost race weird adventure novel set in North Africa where a British soldier and his Arab companions encounter subhuman cave dwellers in the Sudan who worship fire.

Edith Sessions Tupper
House of the Dream (1919) [22,109 word count]
This is the sort of yarn that is best read before a blazing fire on a stormy, windy night, when conditions are best for the full enjoyment of the pleasurable “ creeps that tales of the mysterious and unknown — if well written — always produce.

J. Aubrey Tyson
The Scarlet Tanager (1922) [89,918 word count]
Near Future thriller... set in 1930, rousingly presents a submarine pirate and his right-wing cohorts; a tough US intelligence agent opposes their efforts to topple the American government. A UK agent, the actress of the title, also becomes involved.

The Barge of Haunted Lives (1923) [100,822 word count]
Interlocking sequence of macabre mysteries, involving vampirism, metempsychosis and cursed gems, in addition to the usual murder and mayhem.

Louis Joseph Vance
The Dark Mirror (1920) [71,256 word count]
A psychic, paranormal tale of dual personality and crime.

Catherine M. Verschoyle
Oldham (1927)
Literary horror portraying a sadistic maid who gains control over a household, with hints of psychic vampirism, magnetism, astral travel, the fourth dimension.

Herbert Vivian
Master Sinner: A Romance (1901) [25,274 word count]
Sensational novel of after-death experiences; skeptical philosopher receives letter from Hell, as promised by dead aesthete

Johannes von Guenther
Cagliostro (1927)
Italian historical novel based on the life of the false Italian Count and noted occultist.$b802486

Cedric Dane Waldo
The Ban of the Gubbe (1896) [29,139 word count]
The Ban of the Gubbe presents a folkloristic rendering of a race of fish-like beings who have for aeons co-inhabited Scotland with Homo sapiens. The leader of the "Fiskmann", who is known as the Gubbe, may be Immortal, and possesses Psi Powers.

Alfred H. Wall
A Princess of Chalco (1892)

J. Provond Webster
The Oracle of Baal (1896)

S. Byron Welcome
From Earth's Center: A Polar Gateway Message (1894) [79,734 word count]
a Lost World tale whose protagonists descend into a Symmes-style Hollow Earth, where they discover an English-speaking country called Centralia, a Utopia where laissez-faire capitalism is luckily controlled by some mixed socialistic joint ownership of the land itself.

H. G. Wells
The Undying Fire (1919) [45,258 word count]
A modern retelling of the Book of Job with God and Satan vying for the soul of a schoolmaster who is put through a series of misfortunes.

Francis Brett Young
Cold Harbour (1924) [75,043 word count]
A mad man seeks to convince those around him that his house is haunted.
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Bram Stoker - The Chain of Destiny (1875)
Maurice Renard - New Bodies for Old (1923)
Leonid Andreyev - The Red Laugh (1905)
Arthur Machen - Strange Roads and With the Gods in Spring (1923)
Lord Dunsany - Charwoman's Shadow (1926)
E. H. Visiak - The Haunted Island (1910)
The Unholy Three - Tod Robbins (1917)
Francis Stevens - The Labyrinth (1918)
Louisa May Alcott - A Modern Mephistopheles (1889)
Fredric Brown - Knock Three One Two (1959)
H.P. Lovecraft - At the Mountains of Madness
A. Merritt - The Face in the Abyss
Algernon Blackwood - The Education of Uncle Paul (1909)
Louisa May Alcott - Whisper in the Dark

H. G. Wells - The Dream (1926) viewtopic.php?f=28&t=95470
Robert W. Chambers - The Dark Star (1917) viewtopic.php?t=96960
Richard Marsh - A Spoiler of Men (1905) viewtopic.php?t=97023
Arthur Conan Doyle - Land of Mist (1926) viewtopic.php?t=97607
Robert W. Chambers - The Green Mouse viewtopic.php?t=97628
Gertrude Atherton - What Dreams May Come viewtopic.php?p=2207698
Eugene Sue - The Wandering Jew viewtopic.php?t=98676
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augustellar wrote: June 18th, 2022, 11:38 am
Have you started recording THe Undying Monster? If you wish for it to be included in the Librivox catalog, you'll need to go create a project and secure a proof listener. The instructions for how to do so can be found here:

Having said that, The Undying Monster is a pretty long book (it'd probably end up around 7 to 9 hours depending on how fast you read), and if you've never done any recording before, I would suggest heading over to the GROUP project sections and volunteer to do a story or two to get an idea of how everything at Librivox works which can be found here:
All the ones listed here are collaboration project looking for readers. Let me know if you have any other questions. I always appreciate more people interested in reading horror and weird fiction!
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I just updated the first post with some new stuff including a whole bunch of unrecorded Edgar Wallace.
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I moved the Edgar Wallace out from the first post into a separate post since most of his work really doesn't fall under this genre. Also added quite a few additional novels as well. Apparently I've reached the max character limit, so I won't be adding anymore until someone reads something!
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I would like to BC A Modern Mephistopheles. Ok?
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brownrottger wrote: October 28th, 2022, 6:18 am I would like to BC A Modern Mephistopheles. Ok?
Sure thing! Let me know when you launch the project and I'll mark it as adopted.
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flavo5000 wrote: October 28th, 2022, 6:51 am
brownrottger wrote: October 28th, 2022, 6:18 am I would like to BC A Modern Mephistopheles. Ok?
Sure thing! Let me know when you launch the project and I'll mark it as adopted.
I've put it in the Launch Pad.
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brownrottger wrote: October 28th, 2022, 1:06 pm
flavo5000 wrote: October 28th, 2022, 6:51 am
brownrottger wrote: October 28th, 2022, 6:18 am I would like to BC A Modern Mephistopheles. Ok?
Sure thing! Let me know when you launch the project and I'll mark it as adopted.
I've put it in the Launch Pad.
Ok, I've marked it as adopted. Once you finish it, I'll delete it entirely.
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I was wondering if I may adopt Francis Stevens' The Labyrinth for a solo read? I've never done a solo before and I'd like to jump on!
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plzwork1994 wrote: December 7th, 2022, 11:10 am I was wondering if I may adopt Francis Stevens' The Labyrinth for a solo read? I've never done a solo before and I'd like to jump on!
Sure! Once you create the project, let me know and I'll move it down to In Progress. :)
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flavo5000 wrote: December 7th, 2022, 12:09 pm
plzwork1994 wrote: December 7th, 2022, 11:10 am I was wondering if I may adopt Francis Stevens' The Labyrinth for a solo read? I've never done a solo before and I'd like to jump on!
Sure! Once you create the project, let me know and I'll move it down to In Progress. :)

Hope I'm doing it right, here's the linky-link
"Talent is a pursued interest. Anything you're willing to practice you can do" -Bob Ross :9:

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I've cleaned up some of the first post and added a bunch of new and interesting stuff!
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