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Hilaire Belloc wandering through Sussex

Posted: January 13th, 2021, 5:13 am
by Peter Why
I'd like to suggest this book, which I think is restricted to USA readers because of the date of the author's death.

Author: Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953)

Title: The Four Men: A Farrago

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(From the Wikipedia entry ....)
The Four Men: A Farrago is a 1911 novel by Hilaire Belloc that describes a 140-kilometre (90 mi) long journey on foot across the English county of Sussex from Robertsbridge in the east to Harting in the west. ... "The Four Men" describes four characters, Myself, Grizzlebeard, the Poet and the Sailor, each aspects of Belloc's personality, as they journey in a half-real, half-fictional allegory of life. Subtitled "a Farrago", meaning a 'confused mixture', the book contains a range of anecdotes, songs, reflections and miscellany. The book is also Belloc's homage to "this Eden which is Sussex still" and conveys Belloc's "love for the soil of his native land" of Sussex.

The book contains various poetry and songs, including the West Sussex Drinking Song. Belloc was also a lover of Sussex songs and wrote lyrics. Joseph Pearce argues that Belloc "knew every inch of the way" and "had evidently walked most of the route at various times, even if he had never walked the whole route at one time."