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Friends, a short book of poetry

Posted: January 9th, 2021, 9:35 am
by Peter Why
I'd like to suggest this book of poems by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. We already have some individual poems by this poet in various collections. With his unfortunate date of death, I think recording is restricted to USA readers.

Wilfred Wilson Gibson (1878 - 1962)

Title: Friends

As an example, this poem, Candle-light, is part of the poem "Home":

Where through the open window I could see
The supper-table in the golden light
Of tall white candles--brasses glinting bright
On the black gleaming board, and crockery
Coloured like gardens of old Araby--
In your blue gown against the walls of white
You stood adream, and in the starry night
I felt strange loneliness steal over me.

You stood with eyes upon the candle flame
That kindled your thick hair to burnished gold,
As in a golden spell that seemed to hold
My heart's love rapt from me for evermore...
And then you stirred, and opening the door,
Into the starry night you breathed my name.