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ALFRED EWEN (????–????)

Shakespeare (1904)

📖 120 pages long.

ℹ️ Bell's Miniature Series Of Great Writers.

ℹ️ "IN preparing a series of Great Writers, it evident that the foremost name upon the list must be that of the noblest poet the world has ever known ; so it would seem, at first sight, to follow as a matter of course that in order to do adequate justice to so stupendous a theme the services of some author of the highest repute and authority should be employed. But here a difficulty arises : whole libraries have been written upon the subject from the literary, artistic, aesthetic, dramatic, metaphysical, and indeed all conceivable points of view, so that a new book on Shakespeare must almost inevitably begin with an apology. The editor of this series, bearing in mind that it is "designed for the benefit of the large class of readers who are interested in English literature, and is intended to supply at a minimum expenditure of time and money a sound general knowledge of the lives of our greatest writers, and of the nature and character of their writings", has intrusted the task to one who, although an unknown student in the school of Shakespeare, is yet a devout lover of the poet; and the idea of this little book is to show how any ordinary person who will take ordinary trouble may obtain a priceless possession a charm against weariness an incentive to effort and a mental culture of the kind most applicable to the needs of our complex and ever-changing civilization." (Note)

Shakespeare In The Country And In The Town (1906)

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