New Books on Project Gutenberg Oct 2020

Suggest and discuss books to read (all languages welcome!)
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Post by ColleenMc » November 3rd, 2020, 11:48 am

Just some of the recently listed books that caught my eye and I thought might be interesting for anyone looking fora new project.

The Treasure of the Bucoleon - Arthur D. Howden Smith

1923 adventure novel by Smith, himself an adventurer (he fought in Macedonia's uprising in the early 1900s) as well as pulp-fiction writer and journalist.
The Treasure of the Bucoleon was serialized and syndicated in newspapers and then collected as this novel, telling the story of a nephew who learns of his uncle's knowledge of a hidden treasure. The uncle is murdered, so the nephew protagonist goes in search of the treasure and justice for his uncle.
This appears to be the first book on Project Gutenberg by Smith.

Wikipedia page on Smith:

Makar's Dream and Other Stories - Victor Korolenko Translated by Marian Fell

A collection of four long short stories or novellas by Russian author Korolenko. Best to do as a collection or the individual stories as short standalones, they all seem a little long for short works collections (The two shorter ones are about 50 pages each in original texts, the latter two are short novels and would stand alone well).

So far LV has two short works by Korolenko recorded, and his most famous novel, The Blind Musician, is currently in progress.

Wikipedia page:

Cottage Folk - Alice Vansittart Strettel Carr

Couldn't tell much about this one, looks like a collection of short stories taking place in rural England, published in 1890s. Maybe of interest for short fiction collections? The author wrote several books but was mostly known as a fashion and costume designer and advocate of dress reform for women.

Wikipedia entry for Carr:

A Garden of Girls, or Famous Schoolgirls of Former Days - Mrs. Thomas Concannon

Aimed at female children/YA readers, a non-fiction book about the education of various famous women, from St. Elizabeth to Marjorie Fleming. It's not written in too much of a "talking down to the kids" treacly style, so could work for children's short works OR adult nonfiction collections, or as a standalone project.

Wikipedia entry on author:

The Sense of the Past - Henry James

Novel left unfinished at James' death in 1917, appears to have fantasy and time travel elements. James apparently started it in 1900, put it aside, and returned to it in 1914. The text includes the completed portion and the notes for how James had intended the rest of the book to go.
The story was the basis of the popular play, Berkeley Square (which I think is still occasionally revived), and two different movie versions were made of the play.
Note for the dramatic reading folks: the play was published in 1926 so not quite yet in the public domain...but soon!

Wikipedia entry on The Sense of the Past:

Einstein's Theories of Relativity and Gravitation - J. Malcolm Bird, ed.

This appears to be an anthology of the best entries from a Scientific American contest for the best explanations for laypersons of Einstein's theories. Includes introductory material, the prize winning essay and several of the runners up. The individual essays could work as pieces for a nonfiction short works collection.

Confessions of a Railroad Signalman - James O. Fagan

Behind the scenes info on railroad work -- judging from the illustrations, deals a lot with train crashes, derailments and other disasters.

The Story of the Bank of England - Henry Warren

Subtitled "A History of English Banking, and a Sketch of the Money Market". There's another book on PG by the same author, also about banking.

The Gingerbread Boy and Joyful Jingle Play Stories - Laura Rountree Smith

Collection of short stories for children, many of which combine prose sections with rhyming couplet dialog, might make for fun reading. Stories stand alone so could be recorded as a single volume or individual stories for the children short works collections.

The Boy Fortune Hunters in Yucatan - L. Frank Baum

One of a series of "Boy Fortune Hunters" novels written by Baum under the "Floyd Akers" pseudonym.There are several of the series in Project Gutenberg's collection, but none have been recorded yet.

Keeper of the Deathless Sleep - Albert DePina

Science fiction novella. From story description: "Nardon, the Correlator, had banded together the greatest brains of the Solar System to battle the menace spawned by Saturn—was leading them into the stronghold of the Energasts themselves!"

The Fairy Latchkey - Magdalene Horsfall

Fun kids novel about a little girl who turns out to have a fairy godmother. Adventures ensue!

The Silver Plague - Albert DePina

Another DePina novella from Planet Stories. Here's the description on this one: "Like a tide, the horror of the silver death was sweeping to inundate the inhabited worlds -- with only Varon to halt its flood—and he was already marked by the plague he fought."

All in a Life-Time - Henry Morganthau Sr. and French Strother

Autobiography of Henry Morganthau Sr., German emigrant to the US who became a well-to-do businessman and eventually moved in political circles, serving as ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during WWI and speaking out on the Armenian genocide. His son Henry Morganthau Jr. was FDR's Secretary of the Treasury, and his grandchildren were Robert Morganthau (very famous NY DA for 35 years) and historian Barbara Tuchman.

Wikipedia entry on Morganthau:

Homage to John Dryden: Three Essays on Poetry of the Seventeenth Century - T.S. Eliot

Mostly of interest due to the author. The work as a whole is short, and each of the three essays would also work as contributions to short nonfiction collections.

The Art of Ballet - Mark E. Perugini

Lengthy and in-depth history of dance, focusing on development of the ballet art form from ancient times to the then-present, when the Russian ballet innovators were starting to take off. We don't have any books on ballet specifically in the LV collection as yet.

Verena in the Midst - E.V. Lucas

Epistolary novel, could be fun for a dramatic reading with different voices for the different letter/note/telegram writing characters. There's a cast of characters list in the beginning which would make it easier to organize!

Confessions of a Tradesman - Frank T. Bullen IN PROGRESS! Link: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=83556

Memoir of the adventures of a rather hapless small businessman -- it appears his foray into shopkeeping ends in bankruptcy! Bullen is best known as author of numerous books (fiction and nonfiction) of sailing adventures.

Wikipedia entry on Bullen:

A Sack of Shakings - Frank T. Bullen

A collection of short pieces and essays by Bullen, mostly concerning travel and shipboard life and adventures. Good source for short nonfiction collection selections.

Wrecked on Spider Island, Or, How Ned Rogers Found the Treasure - James Otis

Otis was a prolific boys' adventure novelist - Project Gutenberg has 47 of his titles - but so far only three recorded for Librivox. This looks like a fun one, plot is basically described in the long title!

Wikipedia entry on author:

Love Potions Through the Ages - Harry Wedeck

A study of herbs, potions and spells thought to induce amore, by a classics scholar. Judging from the other books he wrote, he had a general interest in magic, witchcraft and the occult.

The Loot of Cities and Other Stories - Arnold Bennett

Story collection by the popular author. "The Loot of Cities" runs from p.7 to p.157 of the text, so could be a standalone piece. The other seven stories are all short enough to include in short fiction collections and have several eye-catching titles, including "Mr. Penfound's Two Burglars", "The Adventure of the Prima Donna" and "The Episode in Room 222"....

Within the Pale: The True Story of Anti-Semitic Persecution in Russia - Michael Davitt

Contemporary account of pogroms and anti-semitism in Russia. In the author's words, "It is deemed necessary, for the twofold aim of this book,—to arouse public feeling against a murder-making legend, and to put forward a plea for the objects of the Zionist movement,—to tell the story of the Russian Jew, apropos of recent massacres."

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Post by jmhazen2015 » December 1st, 2020, 9:33 pm

I'd be interested in recording any of the following:

Two Stories - Leonard Woolf and Virginia Woolf
Warrior of Two Worlds by Manly Wade Wellman

Judy MHazen

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Post by annise » December 1st, 2020, 10:29 pm

Book suggestions are just things that members find and think might be interesting, so they are not projects at the moment and may well either be one sometime or never be one. If you are looking for something to read after your test is OKayed then the readers wanted forums are the place to hunt through - it's a bit confusing at first , as we all know but soon becomes easier


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