Men Of History (1880) by Anonymous (Editor Of "Women Of History")

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Men Of History (1880)

📖 Divided in short chapters; Ideal for a group project.

ℹ️ "The object of the Editor in preparing this book for the public is a twofold one. First, to exhibit views of the characters of the world's great men ; and, second, to present these views in the best words of the best authors—to convey, as it were, at once impressions of History and Literature, and lessons in Biography and Style.

In this double sense, the idea of the volume is submitted to be novel, while the utility of it is apparent. It gives to the general reader an excellent and instructive book ; and it places before the young, lessons which will tend to excite emulation, by the exhibition of lofty examples, told in glowing language by the most eminent writers. It thus points itself out as being admirably adapted to aid in the formation of character in youth and early life.

The task of selection has been a perplexing one. In choosing the name of a great man, considerable and occasionally insurmountable difficulty was experienced in finding a portrait by an author sufficiently eminent to come within the requirements of the Editor's estimate. This will partly account for the absence of many names, the appearance of which will be considered almost indispensable in such a volume as the present."

Women Of History

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