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EGERTON SMITH (????–????)

Essay Writing Rhetoric And Prosody (1913)

ℹ️ "This book bas been written primarily for students reading for the Intermediate examinations of Calcutta and other Indian universities, but it should also be of use for the Locals and Matriculation examinations in England.

A recent writer is undoubtedly right in saying that in students' compositions the chief defect is 'the inability to think consecutively, to make a whole of the matter upon which they are engaged. Their observations are made disjointedly, unconnectedly—attractively you 'will, but yet not in such a way as to make one complete and permanent impression upon the mind of the reader' (Campagnac, The Teaching of Composition, Constable & Co.).

This agrees with the opinion expressed in a Board of Education circular that structure is 'the essence of composition'. 'There may be structure
without style ; but there cannot be style without structure/ Composition then 'involves the arrangement, not merely of words, but of the substance of thought which the words are meant to convey.'

I have therefore given considerable space to points of structure ; and as planning must precede writing, I have, abandoning the traditional order, dealt with the disposition of the 'whole essay and of the paragraphs before treating of sentence structure and the details of style."

The Principles Of English Metre (1923)

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