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Greek And Roman Mythology (1917)

ℹ️ "A review of this book reveals the fact that the most essential and valuable myths can be put in a concise but attractive volume. The author's aim, which is to give an understanding of the peoples among whom the mythology was fostered as well as to familiarize the student with the commoner myths referred to in literature and art, is very well accomplished. The attitude of sympathetic appreciation which the author has taken both in the introductory chapter and in each individual story is almost certain to give the reader the desired attitude toward mythology.

The scope of the book accords with the aim and with the presentation of subject-matter. The high-school student needs a book of mythology which
deals with those mythical characters who play such a large part in all classical literature, and which does not attempt to exhaust the field of mythical lore.

The chief merit of this book, which places it above the Guerber and Gayley textbooks on mythology, is its unity. The tendency of previous
authors has been to present mythology as a great mass of loosely connected detail. Miss Tatlock has connected the stories in such a way that the young student cannot fail to grasp a large part of the material without testing his memory beyond natural limits. Thus the numerous love affairs of Zeus are rarely told as a connected story, although that is the effective method of presentation. The appendixes are extremely valuable for general reference. The pictures of standard works of art are worthy of favorable comment. The distinct print renders the book more readable than Gayley or Guerber."
(Adaline Lincoln, The School Review, 04/1917)

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