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The New Children: Talks With Dr. Maria Montessori (1920)

ℹ️ "IN giving the following pages in book form to the public, in response to many requests, some explanation is needful as to their form. When Dr. Montessori arrived in England in September, 1919, I asked the permission of the Editor of the Educational Supplement of The Times (to whom I owe thanks for this and many other kindnesses, and for a great part of my own "continued education") to seek out Dr. Montessori and to try, with her help, to answer some of the queries and criticisms that assail all students of her work. My own knowledge of that work has been gained during the past six years by study of her books, by application of what I could learn of her methods, by visits to innumerable schools, Montessori and otherwise, and chiefly by learning from my own children.

I think most of the criticism is based on misconception for this reason, that though I knew a good deal about the method, I found, after a few meetings with Dr. Montessori that I knew very little. What the world had to learn from Dr. Montessori is not only how to treat little children properly it is a new philosophy of life. Of this philosophy she has as yet given her students but a fraction, from which they are endeavoring to build up the rest for themselves.

In the pages that follow I have tried to sketch broadly the outline of what, to my own limited powers of vision, the Montessori teaching seems to imply for the world."

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