Fiske Kimball Bibliography (7 Titles)

Suggest and discuss books to read (all languages welcome!)
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The Department Of Architecture: Development, Condition, Ideals (1913)

📖 10 pages long; Ideal for Short Nonfiction Collection.

Thomas Jefferson And The First Monument Of The Classical Revival In America (1915)

📖 44 pages long, divided in 4 chapters. Ideal for Short Nonfiction Collection.

A History Of Architecture (1918, 2nd Edition) with Edgell, George Harold (1887–1954)

Domestic Architecture Of The American Colonies And Of The Early Republic (1922)

The House Beautiful Furnishing Annual 1926: A Comprehensive And Practical Manual For The Guidance Of All Who Seek Comfortable And Attractive Homes (1925)

ℹ️ "Here is a book for all who have a house to decorate, a room to furnish, a chair to buy, or a picture to hang. The House Beautiful Building Annual, recently republished in a comprehensively new edition, tells all that a layman needs to know of architectural construction. This companion volume gives the corresponding information concerning interior design, the selection and arrangement of furniture, and all the elements of that white magic which transmutes a house into a home. A clear statement and discussion of the principles of design may be found here, for such a background of general knowledge is useful in the consideration of each particular problem that arises, but no attempt has been made to set forth in meticulous sequence the historic periods of interior design and furnishing. Period styles in pure perfection are essential for a museum and desirable for a movie, but a house is not a domestic pageant, and if my parlor is pretty and comfortable, anyone may have Queen Anne's.

Of one thing we are quite certain. This is a practical book. Buy it the day the plasterers move out (if a self-respecting plasterer ever does move out!). Even that's too late to garner all its usefulness. You ought to have it at your elbow when you spread the very first sketch plans on the desk before you. Read it, study it, use it, and you will be rewarded abundantly. I have built and furnished a house. I have come, I have seen, I have been conquered, and I know."

American Architecture (1928)

The Creation Of The Rococo (1943)

ℹ️ "WE seek in this book to establish more precisely the origin and development of that phase of decorative art which, emerging in France about 1700 and characteristic of the reign of Louis XV, dominated Europe until the advent of classicism in the latter years of the century.

The same general artistic movement had, inevitably, manifestations not only in ornament, but in painting and sculpture, as well as in architecture. In architecture these included novel treatments of the spatial and plastic form of buildings. Brilliant as were some of these manifestations, supremely so in the painting of Watteau, the primary sphere of the movement was, to a degree almost unique in artistic history, in the realm of decoration: in the interior, whether domestic or religious, and in ornament, chiefly the ornament of surface. Thus it is not merely an arbitrary limitation when we devote our discussion to this sphere. We do not undertake to cover, on the one hand, the major arts, or, on the other, the individual crafts except when their practitioners assume a leading rôle in the field of decorative design generally. It is in the interior and its enrichment that we shall find the essential creative works here discussed."

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