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A Brief History Of German Literature (1909)

ℹ️ "The following account of German literature is based on Gotthold Klee's Grundzüge der Deutschen Literaturgeschichte (Berlin, 10th Edition, 1908, and 11th Edition, 1909). Both in its general outline of the subject and in its treatment of authors and periods, it is essentially the embodiment of an attempt to reproduce Professor Klee's manual for the benefit of English readers. At the same time, however, it has been my desire and aim to prepare a book which would be suited to the needs of the English reader and student, rather than to offer a faithful translation of the Grundzüge, the purpose of which is to satisfy the demands of German students. With this end in view, I have omitted and added passages, and made other alterations wherever they seemed desirable." (Preface)

Germany Since 1740 (1914)

ℹ️ "The rise of modern Germany has long attracted the interest of American readers, but interest has often been baffled by the complexities of German state and national life and by the mass of detail which historians have included in their accounts of Germany. Many Americans desire, I believe, an introduction to German history. I have attempted to meet this desire by choosing the most interesting period—from the accessions of Maria Theresa and Frederick the Great in 1740 down to recent times—and presenting only the most important events of this period." (Preface)

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