History Of Education (1918) by Anonymous

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History Of Education (1918)

ℹ️ "A few words may be added to the plan of the present work. The customary divisions of the subject have, in the main, been observed, and are as follows:

1. Primitive Education—being a description of those customs among savage peoples which are regarded as having an educational significance.

2. Oriental Education—being an account of the educational theories and practices of such, typical oriental peoples as the Ancient Egyptians, the Chinese, the Hindoos, the Ancient Hebrews, etc.

3. Ancient, or Classical, Education—dealing, as the name implies, with Greece and Rome, and giving especial emphasis to the educational theories of the classical writers.

4. Mediaeval Education—beginning with the chaos introduced by the barbarian invasions and showing how, mainly through the efforts of the Christian Church, the basis of modern civilization was slowly built up.

5. Modern Education—starting with the Renaissance and continuing to the present time.

The modern period contains two well-marked subdivisions: first, those centuries during which the Renaissance ideal was paramount, and effort was centred upon the recovery of the intellectual treasures of antiquity and the adaptation of classical training and culture to the needs of the modern world; and second, the modern period proper, beginning, roughly speaking, with the middle of the eighteenth century. In dealing with this period it will be necessary to show how modern science and modern democracy are influencing and are, in turn, being influenced by the modern school."


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