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Giotto (1902)

ℹ️ "THE present little volume can lay no claim to be other than a general review of Giotto's life and works, the limits of its pages having rendered impossible any more detailed treatment of the subject. To many, it will doubtless appear of too critical a nature to afford either pleasure or amusement ; others, again, will find it lacking in the usual fund of pleasing anecdote which forms so attractive an element in much of the literature that has gathered about Giotto's name. To these admirers of the master, I must counsel a return to the pages of Vasari and his commentators. To those few, however, who look for something more than a mere literary pleasure in the study of an artist's life and work, I can but hope that this little book may prove of some slight use in awakening a deeper interest in the creations of one of the first and greatest of Italian painters." (Preface)

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