The white slaves of England by John C Cobden 1854

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The white slaves of England by John C Cobden 1854

WHAT is slavery? A system under which the time and toil of one person are compulsorily the property of another. The power of life and death, and the privilege of using the lash in the master, are not essential, but casual attendants of slavery, which comprehends all in- voluntary servitude without adequate recompense or the means of escape. He who can obtain no property in the soil, and is not represented in legislation, is a slave; for he is completely at the mercy of the lord of the soil and the holder of the reins of government. Sometimes slavery is founded upon the inferiority of one race to another; and then it appears in its most agreeable garb, for the system may be necessary to tame and civilize a race of savages.

To murder in cold blood all joy in life for him who has no money is a dreadful thing and that is what the moneyed man does.

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Great book, but very tricky. There is a chapter with 78 pages for example, about two hours of finished recording. Would be best for a bc who can divide chapters or a soloist who reads until he or she gets tired.
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