The Theory of the Theatre, by Clayton Hamilton

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Stumbled across this one earlier while researching something else entirely - I disagree with him on a whole bunch of stuff, but thought it could be a really interesting piece for the catalog. Lots of plays getting recorded around here, but not a whole lot of theatre criticism. Looks like one of the essays published here was suggested for a collection many years ago, but was overlooked for whatever reason.

I haven't read it from top-to-bottom yet, but I gave it a pretty hearty skim - he's got all kinds of insight & opinions on theatre conventions of the era, the purpose of theatre in general, the relationship between writer / performer / audience, the value of criticism, art vs. business...among other things, I have no doubt.

I'm still pretty new around here so I wouldn't feel comfortable taking on a project as a soloist or BC just yet, but if anyone else is interested in this kind of thing I'd definitely be on board to read a few sections / DPL.

Here's the Gutenberg link:

Published in 1910, author passed away in 1946. Far as I can tell that should put it in the public domain, but I've certainly been wrong once or twice in my life :wink:
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