Édouard Schuré Bibliography (1 Title) [Religious Studies]

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ÉDOUARD SCHURÉ (1841–1929)

The Great Initiates; A Study Of The Secret History Of Religions (1920)

ℹ️ "The Great Initiates encompasses long centuries of man’s life on earth, and reflects his great search—the greatest search of all—the quest for the spirit. The book describes the motivations behind external history, the growth of man’s religious striving, the rise and fall of cultures, and indicates their importance for us today. It reflects the lives and deeds of men of extraordinary stature, "the fire-pillars in the dark pilgrimage of mankind", Carlyle called them. In these pages one witnesses spiritual adventure of a depth and intensity rarely experienced by creative human beings, even in their most exalted moments. This aliveness, this freshness, this excitement of discovery which breathes through The Great Initiates may well explain its continuing popularity after nearly three-quarters of a century". (Paul M. Allen)

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