Fyodor Dostoevsky Unrecorded Bibliography (6 Titles) [Prose Fiction & Correspondence]

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Letters From The Underworld (1913) translated by Hogarth, Charles James (1869–1942)

⚠️ Includes "The Landlady" (1847)

ℹ️ The Landlady


The Gambler And Other Stories (1914) translated by Garnett, Constance Black (1862–1946)

⚠️ Includes "The Landlady" (1847)


(1859) The Friend Of The Family: Or, Stepantchikovo, And Its Inhabitants: And Another Story (1923) translated by Garnett, Constance Black (1862–1946)

⚠️ "Netochka Nezvanova" (1849) being the "Another Story", translated as "Nyetochka Nyezvanov".

ℹ️ Netochka Nezvanova

ℹ️ The Village Of Stepanchikovo




(1861) The Insulted And Injured: A Novel In Four Parts And An Epilogue (1914) translated by Garnett, Constance Black (1862–1946)

ℹ️ Humiliated And Insulted



Letters Of Fyodor Michailovitch Dostoevsky To His Family And Friends (1914) translated by Mayne, Ethel Colburn (1865–1941)



Stavrogin's Confession & The Plan Of The Life Of A Great Sinner (1922) translated by Koteliansky, Samuel Solomonovich (1880–1955) & Woolf, Virginia (1882–1941)

ℹ️ "The Russian Government has recently published a small paper-covered book containing Stavrogin’s Confession, unpublished chapters of Dostoevsky’s novel The Possessed, and Dostoevsky’s plan or sketch of a novel which he never actually wrote but which he called The Life of a Great Sinner. The circumstances in which these MSS. were discovered are described in the note of the Russian Government which we give below. Our translation of Stavrogin’s Confession and of the plan is from the text as published by the Russian Government. We have added translations of introductory or explanatory notes upon the two MSS. by V. Friche, V. Komarovich, and N. Brodsky. The notes by Friche and Komarovich are given in the book published by the Russian Government, that by M. Komarovich appeared in Builoe (No. 18, 1922)." (Translator's Note)


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