Tjitze J. De Boer Bibliography (1 Title) [Oriental Studies/Philosophy]

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The History Of Philosophy In Islam (1903) translated by Jones, Edward R. (????–????)

ℹ️ "The following is the first attempt which has been made, since the appearance of Munk’s excellent sketch, to present in connected form a History of Philosophy in Islam. This work of mine may therefore be regarded as a fresh initiation, —not a completion of such a task.

As far as possible I have confined myself to Islam. On that ground Ibn Gebirol and Maimonides have received only a passing notice, while other Jewish thinkers have been entirely omitted, although, philosophically considered, they belong to the Muslim school. This, however, entails no great loss, for much has been written already about the Jewish philosophers, whereas Muslim thinkers have hitherto been sadly neglected."

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