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A Short History Of Art (1913) · Edited, Revised And Largely Rewritten By Charles Henry Caffin (1854–1918)

ℹ️ "To all lovers of art and students of its mysteries this book needs no introduction. The author has been before the public for many years and the book has prove to thousands. Here, however, we greet it in a new dress and decked with many new illustrations, of which it may be said that they are worthy of the reading matter. Enlarged, carefully revised and rewritten by Mr. Cafifin, the volume should find a new lease of life and continue its useful work for many years.

That criticism may be made of any history of art is, of course, true, for any attempt to condense the history of such a vast subject into one volume and that not too bulky a one, is manifestly impossible, but here we have the impossible nearly achieved and we certainly have a readable and sufficiently full history of the greatest force in the making of humanity put with much clearness."
(Arts & Decoration, 11/1913)


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