Margaret Hattersley Bulley Bibliography (2 Titles)

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St. George For Merrie England (1908)

📖 Approximately 30 pages long; primarily comprising illustrations.

Ancient And Medieval Art: A Short History (1914)

ℹ️ "The author, who, one may infer from the Introduction, has had considerable experience in teaching children, states that this book "is primarily intended for parents and teachers" and "is the outcome of a series of picture talks given to two classes of elementary school children whose ages varied from nine to fifteen years".

That the work is ambitious in its scope may be judged from the fact that it begins with paleolithic art, and then takes up in turn Egyptian, Babylonian and Assyrian, Chinese, Aegean, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, and Gothic Art. To meet the needs of her more youthful as well as older students the writer has arranged the lessons, or chapters, in two parts. The first, for the younger children, takes the form of a story, the second, of a more historical treatment of the material. These lessons are intended to be followed by a study of illustrative material. That these lessons contain very little mention of art is defended on the ground that they are destined to create the atmosphere which gave birth to art.

The book should prove useful to those who are anxious to arouse an interest in art in children. The stories are well told and calculated to lead the pupil toward the art products of the period concerned."
(Oliver S. Tonks, The Classical Weekly, 16/10/1915)

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