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Gustav Mahler: A Study Of His Personality And Work (1913)

📖 No sheet music included.

ℹ️ "The present translation was undertaken by the writer some two years ago, on the appearance of the first German edition. Oskar Fried had made known to us in Berlin the overwhelming beauty of Mahler's music, and it was intended that the book should pave the way for Mahler in England. From his appearance there, we hoped that his genius as man and musician would be recognised, and also that his example would put an end to the intolerable existing chaos in reproductive music-making, wherein every quack may succeed who is unscrupulous enough and wealthy enough to hold out until he becomes "popular". The English musician's prayer was: "God preserve Mozart and Beethoven until the right man comes", and this man would have been Mahler." (Translator's Preface)

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