L. B. De Beaumont Bibliography (1 Title) [Theology/Philosophy]

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L. B. DE BEAUMONT (????–????)

Emanuel Swedenborg (1919)

ℹ️ "Most educated people have heard something about Swedenborg, but one meets still with many who know little more than the name of that truly great man. It is vaguely identified in their minds with mysticism, with spiritualistic experiences, with dreams and visions, and much that is supposed to be included under the general term of "occultism". Yet, those who have taken some trouble to become acquainted with Swedenborg's numerous scientific, philosophical, and theological works are disposed to assert that he was not a mystic in the proper sense of the word ; that he was actually opposed to the practice of table-turning, table-rapping, and other more or less doubtful forms of intercourse with spirits ; that much which is commonly described as "occult" is not even mentioned in his books ; and that the visions to which he has referred in his later writings are really psychological states entirely different from what we read of in mediæval lives of saints. It is therefore proposed that we should consider here Swedenborg's life and work briefly, yet sufficiently to enable us to realise his rightful place in science, his philosophical opinions, and the relation of his theological teaching to modern religious thought." (Chapter 1)




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