A Survey of Russian Literature by Isabel Florence Hapgood 1902

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A Survey of Russian Literature, with Selections 1902 by Isabel Florence Hapgood



The Ancient Period, from the Earliest Times to the Introduction of Christianity in 988 1
The Ancient Period, from the Introduction of Christianity to the Tatár Dominion, 988-1224 39
Second Period, from the Tatár Dominion to the Time of Iván the Terrible, 1224-1330 47
Third Period, from the Time of Iván the Terrible, 1530, to the Middle of the Seventeenth Century 50
Fourth Period, from the Middle of the Seventeenth Century to the Epoch of Reform under Peter the Great 61
Fifth Period, the Reign of Peter the Great, 1689-1723 66
Sixth Period, the Reign of Katherine II. 1762-1796 80
Seventh Period, from Púshkin to the Writers of the Forties 123
Seventh Period: Gontcharóff, Grigoróvitch, Turgéneff 161
Seventh Period: Ostróvsky, A. K. Tolstóy, Polónsky, Nekrásoff, Shevtchénko, and Others 181
Dostoévsky 212
Seventh Period: Danilévsky, Saltykóff, L. N. Tolstóy, Górky, and Others
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