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The Bachelors' Club by Israel Zangwill

Posted: May 23rd, 2020, 6:27 am
by TriciaG
Sequel to (or at least written right after) The Old Maids' Club, this 1891 humorous fiction is about a club exclusively for confirmed bachelors.
The principles of the Club may be summed up in its axiom that marriage was a crime against woman for which no punishment, not even exclusion from the Club, could be sufficiently severe. The conditions of membership were four. No member must follow a profession involving celibacy. No member must have ever had a disappointment in love. No member must be under thirty. No duly-elected member must use a latch-key.
Of course, everything goes haywire. It has to, with such a premise.

13 chapters plus a short preface. Approximately 96,000 words, or about 10 hours of finished recording.