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A. F. Giles Bibliography (1 Title) [Classics/History]

Posted: May 15th, 2020, 8:32 am
by LectorRecitator

A History Of Rome (1914)

📖 Ideal for novice readers.

ℹī¸ "ROMAN history is the history of a state, rather than of & people or a country. It advances somewhat in the manner of a widening series of concentric circles ; first a single city among a group of kindred communities in the Latin plain bounded by the Tiber, the Sabine and Volscian hills, and the Tuscan sea ; then a united Latin power, with the city of Rome as its head ; then a power embracing the whole of Italy, and extending its control over the Mediterranean coast-lands; and, finally, a world-empire, including within its citizenship a great variety of races, united in a common allegiance to the Roman Emperor, and enjoying a common civilisation." (Chapter 1)