François Mignet Bibliography (2 Titles)

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The History Of Mary, Queen Of Scots (1851)

📖 Includes a text in French in Translator's Preface.

ℹ️ "I published a series of articles upon this subject in the Journal des Savants, taking Prince Labanoff's vast collection as the basis of my work. These articles, which were similar to those that appeared in 1846 upon Antonio Perez and Philip II., have been entirely recast in the work which I now publish under the form of a continuous narrative. After a short description of the previous condition of Scotland, my narrative commences with the minority of Mary Stuart, and terminates with the expedition of the Invincible Armada, sent by Philip II. to avenge the death of that Queen, and to dispossess the Protestant Elizabeth of the throne of England. I hope I have succeeded in giving a complete sketch of this long and pathetic episode in the great revolutions of the sixteenth century." (Preface)

History Of The French Revolution: From 1789 To 1814 (1915) · With Lionel Cecil Jane (1879–1932)

ℹ️ "If one wishes to understand clearly regarding the various parties governing France, during the time of the French Revolution, and the decrees enacted by the successive assemblies, such knowledge will be gained more concisely by perusing the writings of Mignet than from the works of any other historian of that epoch." (Lydia Hoyt Farmer, A Short History Of The French Revolution, For Young People)

ℹ️ "One of the best short books on the subject: a judicial and learned resume." (Walter Geer, The French Revolution: A Historical Sketch)

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