Humphrey Davy Findley Kitto Bibliography (2 Titles)

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Greek Tragedy: A Literary Study (1961, 3d Edition)

📖 Contains Ancient Greek terminology and literary fragments.

ℹ️ "A book on Greek Tragedy may be a work of historical scholarship or of literary criticism; this book professes to be a work of criticism. Criticism is of two kinds: the critic may tell the reader what he so beautifully thinks about it all, or he may try to explain the form in which the literature is written. This book attempts the latter task. It is neither a history nor a handbook; it has, I think, a continuous argument, and anything, however important, that does not bear on that argument is left out." (Preface)

The Greeks (1962, Revised Edition)

ℹ️ "In compiling this account of a people about whom such a lot might be said I have allowed myself the luxury of writing on points that happen to interest me, instead of trying to cover the whole field in a systematic and probably hurried way; also, I have stopped short with Alexander the Great, that is with the end of the city-state: not because I think the Greece of the next few centuries unimportant, but on the contrary because I think it far too important to be tucked away in a perfunctory final chapter - which is often what happens to it.

I have made the Greeks speak for themselves as much as I could, and I hope that a reasonably clear and balanced picture emerges. I have tried not to idealize, though I deal with the great men rather than the little ones, and with philosophers rather than rogues. It is from the mountain-tops that one gets the views: and rogues are much the same everywhere - though the Greek rogue seems rarely to have been dull as well as wicked."

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