Giles Lytton Strachey Unrecorded Bibliography (2 Titles) [Literary Arts]

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Landmarks In French Literature (1912)

📖 Contains French terminology and literary fragments in French.

ℹ️ "There is no more encouraging sign of the times than that we no longer take without question our religious belief from our mothers, our political belief from our fathers, and our estimate of literature from the manuals. The last is developing most slowly and there are still too many guide books of literature. There is no beaten track which may be marked out on the wide field of great books; the most that any introduction to literature can do is to indicate a few landmarks. This is what Mr. Strachey has attempted to do in his "Landmarks in French Literature".

He has touched upon the great figures who have made the literary history of France. He has paid us the compliment of assuming that we possess a certain degree of intelligence by explaining why he thinks they are great, rather than insulting us by dogmatically declaring that they are great. We cannot agree with him on every point, but we must admit that while a critical power has very seldom been exhibited in a book of this character he has built up a true philosophy of French literature. It is no light achievement to sum up in the words "comprehension" and "compression" the difference between Shakespeare and Racine, Elizabethan drama and French drama. Mr. Strachey proves his case and incidentally established the great French dramatist in the place which is his by right. Few volumes on literature are more inspiring and suggestive than this one."
(The Journal Of Education, 19/09/1912)

Books And Characters (1922)

📖 Contains French terminology and literary fragments in French.

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