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EDWARD A. FOORD (????–????)

The Byzantine Empire: The Rearguard Of European Civilisation (1911) ✓

ℹ️ "THIS volume is an attempt to supply the need of a short popular history of the Later Roman Empire. There is at present, I believe, no book on the subject in the English language between Professor Oman’s sketch in the ‘ Story of the Nations ’ series and monumental works like those of Gibbon, Finlay, and Bury. The Early Middle Age of Europe has always had a fascination for me, and on the wonderful story of the ‘Byzantine’ Empire I have concentrated much attention. When, therefore, Mr. Gordon Home broached the idea of the present volume, I readily undertook the task, believing that a knowledge of what was required, combined with a real enthusiasm for my subject, might enable me to produce a book which would fill the gap." (Preface)



Napoleon's Russian Campaign Of 1812 (1914)

ℹ️ "DURING recent years the history of most of Napoleon's great campaigns has been given to the world, with the notable exception of that of the catastrophic Russian expedition of 1812. Apart from compilations, I have met only one original work on the subject, in the English language, during the ten years the present work has been in preparation.

My aim has been simply to relate the history of the terrible campaign in straightforward fashion, without obscuring the narrative by too much digression. I believe that, as matters stand, a better service will thus have been rendered to the cause of history than by the composition of a huge essentially technical work—for which, indeed, there is no place in this country. At present, apart from the needs of soldiers—which they are better qualified to supply than myself—it is not so much scientific discussion of the campaign that is required as knowledge of its episodes. This I have conscientiously endeavoured to supply."


The Invasions Of England (1915, Reissue) · With Gordon Cochrane Home (1878–1969)

ℹ️ "It has quite recently been stated in an American journal that Herr Dernburg—the German official apologist to the United States—speaking of the shelling of Hartlepool and Yorkshire watering-places, was convinced that it would ‘bring home to the English people a keen realization of the fact that every serious attempt to invade England in the past has been successful.’ Had Herr Dernburg read any connected narrative of the invasions of England we are of opinion that he would never have made this statement, for it is obvious that since the Norman conquest no successful invasion has taken place without the active sympathy and assistance of a great section of the population.

Both before and during the present war the Germans have shown themselves so incapable of reading correctly the habits of thought of the British, of Americans, of Indians, of South Africans, that one is scarcely surprised to find them ignorant of the history of the British peoples also.

Let Herr Dernburg study the history of the Cinque Ports, or of any of the seafaring towns of South Devon and Cornwall, and he will find thatvi sporadic raids and bombardments were frequent enough in mediæval, Tudor, and even later times; but for any invasion that did not meet in some degree with the approval of the country he will search in vain after he has passed the landmark of 1066. Even the Norman conquest was achieved through the lack of that real national cohesion which could not come to pass within such a brief period as the interval between the last Danish invasion and the death of Edward the Confessor.

Great Britain and Ireland in 1915 show a united front to the invader, and the inevitable fate of any force that has the temerity to set hostile feet on British soil will be the same as that of General Tate and his 1,400 men in the year 1797.

There is such a widespread lack of exact knowledge on the subject of the invasions of England that this new edition, at a popular price, of a volume concerned with the whole of them, from Cæsar to Napoleon, may help to clear a good many minds of misconceptions."
(Preface To Reissue)


Bristol, Bath & Malmesbury: With A Short Account Of Bradford-On-Avon (1925) · With Gordon Home (1878–1969)

ℹ️ "The series of volumes devoted to cathedrals, abbeys and famous churches to which this belongs has been produced on a plan which is somewhat novel. The writers have been encouraged to emphasise as far as possible the personal aspect of the buildings described, in order that those who visit them with the books as their guides may understand the human element behind the great architectural achievements. Not only has space been given to builders and benefactors, but biographical references are made to those who are buried within the churches. In this way the human equation is sufficiently prominent for those who are not well acquainted with architectural matters to become interested in the structures, quite apart from whether the style is appealing to their several tastes or whether they had previously felt any curiosity as to how or when changes took place in the vast buildings which resulted from their aims.

Architectural description has been restricted to salient features, and where details are discussed it is because of their special interest. Mouldings and ornament generally are not described in detail, and ordinary features such as piscinae, aumbries, stoups and so on, which tend to make a book a mere inventory of church furniture, arc as a rule ignored unless they are of particular interest."
(Editor's Preface)


Exeter, Truro And The West (1925)

ℹ️ (See: "Bristol, Bath & Malmesbury: With A Short Account Of Bradford-On-Avon" · 1925)


Gloucester, Tewkesbury And District (1925)

ℹ️ (See: "Bristol, Bath & Malmesbury: With A Short Account Of Bradford-On-Avon" · 1925)


Hereford & Tintern: Including Newport Cathedral & Llanthony Priory (1925)

ℹ️ (See: "Bristol, Bath & Malmesbury: With A Short Account Of Bradford-On-Avon" · 1925)


St. David's, Llandaff & Brecon (1925)

ℹ️ (See: "Bristol, Bath & Malmesbury: With A Short Account Of Bradford-On-Avon" · 1925)


St. Paul's & Southwark (1925) · Edwin Beresford Chancellor (1868–1937)

ℹ️ (See: "Bristol, Bath & Malmesbury: With A Short Account Of Bradford-On-Avon" · 1925)


The Last Age Of Roman Britain (1925)


Wells, Glastonbury & Cleeve (1925)

ℹ️ (See: "Bristol, Bath & Malmesbury: With A Short Account Of Bradford-On-Avon" · 1925)


Winchester And Salisbury (1925)

ℹ️ (See: "Bristol, Bath & Malmesbury: With A Short Account Of Bradford-On-Avon" · 1925)


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