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Suggest and discuss books to read (all languages welcome!)
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Post by ColleenMc » March 24th, 2020, 10:15 am

Between 2006 and 2010 a thread called "More Recent Science Fiction" ran in this Book Suggestions forum, eventually adding up to 11 pages. Lots of SF books mentioned, some as PG releases and some found elsewhere, many as they first were posted to Project Gutenberg. Quite a few have since been recorded. I thought it might be helpful to go back through that thread and pull out the suggested or mentioned books that have not yet been recorded, so they would be all together in one place for convenient reference if anyone is looking for an overlooked science fiction work to record.

Props to the amazing GreggMargarite / gweeks for all the work done in the original thread, and for the many recordings of classic SF he left to us.

So, of the books and stories mentioned in that thread, the following have not yet been recorded for Librivox:

Highways in Hiding by George O. Smith

The White Invaders by Ray Cummings

Ministry of Disturbance by H. Beam Piper (this looks like it is novelette or novella length)

Morale by Murray Leinster (another novelette/novella)

Giants on the Earth by Sterner St. Paul Meek

Creatures of Vibration by Harl Vincent (novelette/novella)

The Winged Men of Orcon by David R. Sparks (novelette)

Whispering Spheres by R. R. Winterbotham (novelette)

The Impossibles by Randall Garrett and Laurence Janifer

The Players by Everett Cole

Slingshot by Irving Lande (short story)

Sand Doom by Murray Leinster (as William Fitzgerald Jenkins)

Sense From Thought Divide by Mark Clifton

The Hunters by Joseph Samachson (as William Morrison) (short story)

Cubs of the Wolf by Raymond F. Jones (novelette/novella)

Beyond the Vanishing Point by Ray Cummings (novella)

--And Devious the Line of Duty by Tom Godwin (novelette/novella)

Best Made Plans by Everett Cole

In the Control Tower by Will Mohler (short story)

The Common Man by Mack Reynolds (novelette)

Subversive by Mack Reynolds (short story)

Far from Home by J.A. Taylor (short story)

Last Place on Earth James Judson (Jim) Harmon

NOTE: There's lots of works by Harmon on PG (22) but very few yet recorded for LV (2).

On Handling the Data by M.I. Mayfield (short story)

General Max Shorter by Kris Neville (longer short story)

The Leader by Murray Leinster (as William Fitzgerald Jenkins) (longer short story)

A Matter of Importance by Murray Leinster (as William Fitzgerald Jenkins) (novelette)

Gold in the Sky by Allen Nourse (novella)

Charley de Milo by Laurence Janifer (novelette)

Lots of treasure to dig for here! Also, everyone is welcome to make another recording of any book or short story, and many MANY of the short stories mentioned in the original thread have been recorded just once in the Short SF collections, most between 2006-2009 so it's been at least 10 years -- more than time for another rendition to be welcome!

If you want to dig further in the original thread, it's here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3984


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