Studies On Versification (Part 2: 3 Titles) [Literary Arts/Poetry]

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The Principles Of English Versification (1922) by Baum, Paull Paull Franklin (1886–1964)

Principles Of English Prosody: Part 1, The Elements (1923) by Abercrombie, Lascelles (1881–1938)

ℹ️ "It will be seen from the title-page that this volume professes no more than to introduce its subject. It seemed convenient to present a general study of English prosody in two parts : the first would be an attempt to settle the elementary nature of metre ; the second would, in an account of the chief English forms of metre, describe how that nature works itself out in practice." (Preface)

The Principles Of English Metre (1923) by Smith, Egerton (????–????)


Studies On Versification (Part 1)

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