Biographies Of Napoleon Bonaparte (Part 3: 3 Titles) [History]

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Life Of Napoleon (1914, 2nd Edition) by Griffiths, Arthur (1838–1908)

Napoleon The First: An Intimate Biography (1921) by Geer, Walter (1857–1937)

ℹ️ "OF books and memoirs about Napoleon there is no end, but there are comparatively few which give an unprejudiced picture of the man. For the most part no judgment has been passed upon him but that either of profound antipathy or of blind admiration. The books published about him during his life, and for many years after his death, have but little value. The idolatry and hatred which he inspired survived him too long to allow of an unbiased view. It has been his fate, in death, as in life, to stir the hearts of men to their depths. Now that one hundred years have elapsed since the " long-drawn agony " of Saint Helena we think that the time has come for a more impartial estimate. Facts are clearer, motives are better known, much new evidence is available. Let us then endeavor to depict Napoleon as he was, and " nothing extenuate, nor set down aught in malice. "" (Preface)

Napoleon (1963) by Markham, Felix Maurice Hippisley (1908–1992)

ℹ️ "My book is designed to be a biography of Napoleon: what he thought and did; not an account of everything that happened in the Napoleonic era. Yet it must be admitted at once that for nearly twenty years the career of Napoleon and the history of Europe were almost synonymous. I have tried to preserve the continuity and sweep of the narrative by introducing and explaining the forces in and against which Napoleon was operating—military, diplomatic, moral and economic—at the precise points at which they impinged on his career." (Preface)


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