Franke/Spener - two lesser-known Christian influences

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Post by mightyfelix » January 1st, 2020, 11:01 pm

A good friend of mine (and one of the best people I know for a good book-y conversation) just posted his list of 2019 reads on social media. There's no reason to share all of it, but he makes this interesting comment:
The most intriguing biography of the year was undoubtedly that of August Hermann Francke (1663-1727). I am sure most Americans have never heard of him, and yet we owe a lot of our modern Christian practices to Francke and his close friend Philipp Spener. Francke's autobiography (Footsteps of Divine Providence) was long considered a classic, was well-known to John Wesley (who published Francke's works), and was an inspiration to George Müller, but has not been in print in English in about a century. If someone takes the time to make Frankce and Spener known to a modern audience, it will be a great achievement.
The Life of Augustus Hermann Francke:
Memoirs of Augustus Hermann Francke:
Philip Jacob Spener and His Work:

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